Spare Parts Management

Manage the supply chain complexities of global inventory depots, part variants, and detailed tracking for compliance and regulatory requirements

Spare Parts Management

Multi-Service Transport Management

Your customers rely on spare parts to keep their mission-critical operations functioning. Whether they run data centers, manufacturing plants, or service aftermarket products, a late or incorrect spare part can cost millions. The Kinaxis platform provides the flexibility and agility you need to optimally orchestrate spare parts fulfillment across global locations and suppliers, as well as national and regional depots.


Reduce internal & external costs

Automate flows, optimize partner and route selection, and take advantage of opportunities for order splitting and consolidation.


Streamline operations

Precision tracking for spare part flows, capturing serial numbers for re-stocking, refurbishing, and returns.


Boost customer satisfaction.

The platform intelligently selects the optimal inventory and transportation options to ensure you consistently meet customer SLAs.


Improve inventory management

Global visibility into inventory, optimal order allocation across internal and external stocking locations, and automated replenishment.

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Why Kinaxis for Spare Parts Management?

The system is automated to streamline returns and advanced replacement order flows, optimize transportation and route selection with smart rating and labeling, send timely updates across the supply chain, and conduct cost analyses for all services. The holistic platform enables real-time visibility and unique, in-app control for outsourced depot activities, including inspection, repair, and disposal.

Visibility across multiple stocking locations

Gain real-time, visibility across multiple stocking locations and plan and coordinate activities, such as with field engineers and 3PL/warehouses

Demand Planning Screenshot

Dynamic partner and carrier service level selection

Leverage intelligent inventory sourcing and order fulfillment through dynamic partner and carrier service level selection and order routing optimization

Supply Planning Screenshot

Dynamic cost control functions

Use activity-based costing, service cost analytics, carrier invoice matching, and other dynamic cost control functions to improve efficiencies and boost margins

Inventory Management

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