Kinaxis Supply Chain Game

An educational simulation powered by Kinaxis RapidResponse.

What is the Kinaxis Supply Chain Game?

The Kinaxis Supply Chain Game is an educational simulation powered by Kinaxis RapidResponse, and designed to introduce students to supply chain planning and why concurrency matters. The premise of the game: order cookies to fulfill customer demand. All the students will be assigned to teams – within each team, there will be four nodes: Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, and Production. Every node will incur cost for excess inventory and retail will accumulate additional cost for any unmet customer demand. The simulation is run in two modes: standard and concurrent.


  • live leaderboard comparing team rankings
  • real-time data visibility
  • graphs displaying team performance over time

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Game requirements.

The Kinaxis Supply Chain Game is aligned to modern teaching methods and can be played in person, virtually, or in a hybrid classroom environment. We strongly recommend an in-person environment for the best learning outcomes. 

Tim Commitment

We recommend a minimum of 90 minutes to cover instructions, game play (standard & concurrent mode), and discussion questions.

Equipment Needed

All groups will need an internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer with internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox) to play the game. The game cannot be played on a mobile phone. Players will receive a unique User ID and password to access the game online. The Kinaxis team will provide the professor with the Supply Chain Game URL and student login information prior to game day.

Supply Chain Game Group

The Kinaxis Supply Chain Game can be played with 4 – 24 distinct User IDs. Playing the game with 24 User IDs would accommodate 6 teams of four nodes (Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, and Production). We recommend having students play the game in groups – for example: two students play together as the Retail node. Please see the ‘Example Team Setup’ section for more information

Sample Team 1Sample Team 2

Learning objectives.


Gain experience

Capture the fundamental experience of a supply chain planner.


Concurrent planning

Understand the importance of real-time transparency, data, and communication in concurrent planning.


Impact of supply chain decisions

Realize the impact supply chain decisions make on financial performance.


Change management

Discuss change management practices in implementing new technologies.


Hal Hilfi
Introducing Kinaxis’ Supply Chain Game to our Executive MBA program offers an immersive and dynamic learning experience that can significantly benefit the program’s candidates. The simulation game provides a hands-on opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios, enhancing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and timely decision-making abilities. Moreover, the simulation game fosters teamwork and collaboration, enabling our candidates to navigate different scenarios and respond to the changing factors."
Hal Hilfi
University of Ottawa Executive MBA Program
Telfer School of Management
Nadim Abboud
There are enormous challenges in managing a supply chain and making the students in a classroom appreciate those challenges is not an easy feat. Kinaxis’ Supply Chain Game not only gives the students a hands-on tool to get immersed in supply chain challenges, but it also galvanizes the classroom in such a way, that it is impossible for a professor to emulate.”
Nadim Abboud
Professor and Coordinator, Bachelor of Commerce (Supply Chain Management)
Algonquin College

Why concurrency?

Concurrency is a modern supply chain management technique, proprietary to Kinaxis, that unlocks the true value of supply chain orchestration by continuously and instantly synchronizing the end-to-end supply chain on a single platform. From multi-year strategic planning through down-to-the-second execution and last mile delivery, spanning from your customers’ customers to your suppliers’ suppliers and beyond. No siloes. No latency. Just agility, transparency, intelligence and trust.

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