Sustainable Supply Chain

Planning for a more sustainable future

Plan cleaner & greener with Kinaxis.

Scope 3 emissions account for more than 90% of a company’s carbon footprint, so failure to understand the environmental impact of supply chain decisions is a major barrier to a more sustainable future.

With Kinaxis, seamlessly blend timely and accurate emissions data into supply chain planning so you can weigh environmental factors alongside economic and service indicators to optimally balance the triple bottom line.


Make sustainable decisions

Embed emissions factors directly in Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse®) and use CO2e as an additional variable alongside economic and service metrics for improved decision-making.


Get the right data at the right time

Seamlessly integrate with advanced emissions databases for efficient gathering & analysis of high fidelity, up-to-date ESG data.


Continuously calibrate

Compare emissions in real-time between your operational plan and the greener alternative with an ESG scorecard and KPIs.


Uncover opportunities

Easily identify emissions hot spots and opportunities to reduce CO2e in your supply chain with exception-based visualizations.


Simulate a greener future

Estimate, project, and simulate supply chain-related CO2e and compare emissions from multiple scenarios before committing to an execution plan with concurrent planning and what-if analysis.


Handle complexity with confidence

Promote understanding and confidence in complex emissions data with easy-to-interpret, drillable dashboards.

The green supply chain

Powering sustainability in supply chain management.

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