Supply chain planning all in one place

Planning applications designed to work together

Kinaxis applications

Effortlessly connect your supply chain.

Shouldn’t your supply chain functions work together, instead of against each other? With Kinaxis they can. Our suite of easy-to-configure, synchronized applications uses concurrent planning to instantly and continuously connect the dots across your supply chain. Break down silos. Eliminate redundancies. Cultivate trust.

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Built to work together

One data model. One interface. One codebase. Unlike using bolted-on modules, our applications were built from the ground up to work together and give you the best planning results possible.


Unlimited scenarios

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Create and run unlimited scenarios in seconds to determine exactly what the impact of a change is on plans, the supply chain and the company as a whole.


Context-driven collaboration

Easily identify who to work with, seamlessly share information and quickly resolve issues – all while capturing the context and outcome. Automatically find and engage the right people and the right information. Our responsibility matrix shows you who to work with, delivers the context you need and archives your decisions.


Designed for configurability

No custom coding. No heavy burden on IT. Just applications that are easily configured to meet your exact needs.


Backed by deep expertise

We leveraged our decades of deep supply chain planning expertise to create applications that not only work the way you want them to but also help you get the most out of your supply chain.

Gartner names Kinaxis a Leader

Kinaxis recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions

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Grow at your own pace.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP)/integrated business planning (IBP), demand, supply, inventory, control tower – start from anywhere and grow the way you want. Our suite of easy-to-configure, synchronized applications have one data model, one user interface and one code base. So you can effortlessly connect your entire supply chain.

Sales and operations planning/integrated business planning in minutes instead of days (or weeks).

Set financial targets. Measure progress. Identify gaps between supply and demand. And re-balance plans so you can maximize opportunities, minimize risk and keep your business profitable in today’s volatile environment.

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Supply and demand alignment in half the time.

Complete, continuous visibility into whether demand plans can support material and capacity constraints like lead times.

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Respond to forecast changes in record time.

Stop guessing. Start planning. Create realistic consensus-based plans and proactively monitor and improve forecasts and order status. So you can maximize revenue, minimize costs and keep your customers happy.

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Cut inventory and reduce stockouts.

Develop targeted inventory improvement solutions. Simulate changes to inventory policies. And understand and balance trade-offs between on-time delivery, revenue risk and inventory. So you can drive service levels up and costs down.

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Take control of your supply chain in seconds.

Take control over what’s happening across your supply chain – from strategy through operations – with a real-time view of your entire ecosystem. Break down functional silos. Collaborate across company boundaries. And gain insights into risks and opportunities.

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Concurrent visibility in six weeks or less

Manage risk by monitoring key financial and data integrity metrics. Understand the impact of changes by creating and analyzing supply-related scenarios. And stay ahead of challenges and opportunities with concurrent visibility across your supply chain.

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Powering industry-leading supply chains

Our customers have some of the most complex and innovative supply chains around, with many of them listed on Gartner’s Top 25 Supply Chains list.

Dr. Reddys

Managing complexity doesn’t have to be complex.

Simplify your day with RapidResponse, the world’s first and only concurrent planning platform. From next-level scenario management to world-class collaboration, RapidResponse delivers the capabilities you need to streamline work, drive end-to-end efficiency and connect your planners in an entirely new way.

Our platform

Committed to your success

Business transformation is challenging. Managing and realizing the value from it shouldn’t be. Reduce risk, maximize outcomes and drive greater user adoption when backed by the expertise Kinaxis services can deliver at every step of your transformation journey.

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Apps that transform inaction into agility

Say goodbye to disconnected planning modules that make decision-making slow and cumbersome. Say hello to our suite of Kinaxis applications that leverage the power of concurrent planning to make fast, confident decision-making a breeze.

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