Our technique: Concurrent planning

Keep pace with today’s volatility

Yesterday’s planning techniques are no match for the complexity and uncertainty of always evolving markets. Disconnected, cascaded processes generate second-rate results that keep you from delivering on your promises.

Stop settling and start succeeding with a new, more intuitive way to plan. Concurrent planning instantly and continuously balances your end-to-end supply chain. Supply, demand, capacity and inventory are all aligned. Even your sales and operations planning (S&OP) or integrated business planning (IBP) is in sync.

Say goodbye to cascaded planning 

With cascaded planning, it can feel like you’re in the middle of a game of telephone. The information you need filters through several people one at a time before getting to you. And when you do finally get the message, you have to hope it still makes sense.

It leaves us stuck in a vicious cycle. Wait for the person ahead of us to generate a plan. Create our plan using their results. Realize once we’re done we’ve affected the first person. Argue over who’s version of the data is right. Start all over again since everyone’s misaligned.

Supply and demand is never truly balanced because we’re always out of step.

And hello to a better way – concurrent planning

Concurrent planning is more like being on a great conference call. Everyone shares information at the same time and you can work through any issues on the spot. Your entire supply chain is always in-sync. Everyone has access to the people, information and results they need. Supply and demand balancing happens instantly and continuously.

  • Plan: Connect data, processes and people so everyone works in-sync from up-to-date global data
  • Monitor: See and understand the immediate impact of any change across your entire supply chain
  • Respond: Make real-time decisions and align teams around a common goal


Concurrency is key for today’s complex supply chains

Yesterday’s planning tools weren’t designed for today’s complex supply chains. It's time for businesses to think differently. Learn more about a new technique for supply chain planning that meets the demands of today – and tomorrow in our ebook.

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If other vendors claim they offer concurrent planning, the only two words you should say are, 'Prove it.'

The Kinaxis RapidResponse platform enables concurrent planning so you can get elevated results from end-to-end. You’ll be able to make collaborative business decisions 100x faster so you can keep every customer promise, reduce risk and cut costs.

Supply Chain Planning Maturity Model

chart showing difference between old way (cascaded planning) vs new way (concurrent planning)


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