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Supply chain innovation that puts you in the driver’s seat

You’re facing a period of transformation as the world moves into the electric era. Emerging and disruptive technologies, changing customer preferences, new sustainability regulations, and disruptive material shortages, along with delays, inflation, and unexpected events are creating immense complexity. To keep your operation moving—from parts through to the dealer lot—leaders like you need orchestrate your supply chain from planning through last-mile execution to accurately forecast, minimize costs, and better manage disruption.

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Driving success in an ever-changing terrain

Emerging and disruptive technologies, changing customer preferences, new sustainability regulations and rapidly changing political and public health uncertainty. How can automotive companies not just weather this uncertain terrain but succeed despite it?

Automotive leaders are turning to Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse®) to create smart solutions to everyday challenges and broader disruptions in the automotive industry – and reaping the benefits.

Unleash your supply chain’s full potential

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Manage the complexity of vehicle options

Don’t let the volume of vehicle options cause chaos in your planning. With vehicle options mix planning and feature BOMs, manage the thousands of possible combinations in each program to ensure your customer gets the right car at the right time.

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Minimize risk through collaboration

From the tiered supplier base to the dealer network through to the logistics ecosystem, supplier collaboration and multi-party orchestration functionality empowers you to communicate and coordinate across the network to get ahead of disruption.

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Lower costs while improving service levels

While you can’t predict inflation, fluctuating logistics costs, or disruptions, Kinaxis enables you to always make the best partner and route decision under any condition and then continuously optimize as needed until the parts or vehicle are delivered on-time, in-full—at the lowest possible cost.

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Half platform screen
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Combat the unexpected with E2E visibility

With transparency across the entire supply chain, you can leverage allocation planning and order prioritization to minimize missed commits and drive customer satisfaction. And, since the best laid plans can often go awry, empower logistics with better sensing and optimized exceptions management to immediately respond—or even preempt—disruption.

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Increase forecast accuracy, decrease waste

Get a better handle on your true demand to manage production, supply, capacity and inventory accordingly. With scenario planning you can start working on solutions instantly, eliminate wasted time, balance inventory, and maximize resources.

We’ve got your industry covered

From parts to finished good, Kinaxis is proud to work with supply chain leaders spanning all areas of the automotive industry.

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Passenger Vehicles

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Commercial Vehicles

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Tier 1 and Tier 2 Supply Base

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From navigating materials shortages, to managing the complexity of vehicle options, to collaborating with suppliers across all tiers to ensuring the best service levels at the best costs, Kinaxis has the solutions to move the automotive industry into the future.

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Connecting globally

Ford describes the process of transitioning to Maestro and why it was the best decision for the company.

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One platform. Endless concurrent planning possibilities.

Advanced planning in 12 weeks.

Get the critical capabilities you need across control tower, operational planning, supply planning, demand planning and inventory management, all operating concurrently on our industry-leading Kinaxis Maestro platform.

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Sales and operations planning/integrated business planning in minutes instead of days (or weeks)

Set financial targets. Measure progress. Identify gaps between supply and demand. And re-balance plans so you can maximize opportunities, minimize risk and keep your business profitable in today’s volatile environment.

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Supply Planning Dashboard

Supply and demand alignment in half the time

Complete, continuous visibility into whether demand plans can support material and capacity constraints and the agility to execute on those plans all the way down to the shop floor.

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Demand Planning Scoreboard

Respond to forecast changes in record time.

Stop guessing. Start planning. Create realistic consensus-based plans and proactively monitor and improve forecasts and order status. So you can maximize revenue, minimize costs and keep your customers happy.

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Inventory Manager Dashboard

Cut inventory and reduce stockouts.

Develop targeted inventory improvement solutions. Simulate changes to inventory policies. And understand and balance trade-offs between on-time delivery, revenue risk and inventory. So you can drive service levels up and costs down.

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Command & Control Center

Take control of your supply chain in seconds.

Take control over what’s happening across your supply chain – from strategy through operations – with a real-time view of your entire ecosystem. Break down functional silos. Collaborate across company boundaries. And gain insights into risks and opportunities.

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Trusted by automotive customers

These automotive companies changed their approach to supply chain planning by using Maestro.

Coupling the road testing and innovation needed to drive into the future of automotive

You wouldn’t send a part to an OEM without QA testing, and you wouldn’t send a car on the road without safety checks. Kinaxis has been proudly serving the automotive industry for years with implementations around the globe. We rely on insights from leaders like you to invest smartly in the future of the industry to keep your team on the road to success.

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