Demand Planning

Demand planning that checks all the boxes

Stop guessing. Start planning.

Demand planning should never be a guessing game. With the Kinaxis Demand Planning application, it never is. From a single platform, improve the accuracy of your forecast by using inputs from multiple stakeholders, like sales, marketing and finance – and even customers and suppliers. Compare actuals to any other plan across multiple horizons. Monitor forecasts and order status, and better coordinate across the supply chain to maximize revenue, minimize costs and elevate customer satisfaction.


Forecast with greater accuracy

Improve short- and long-term forecast accuracy and reduce process cycle times to keep your supply chain moving.


Sense demand

Automate and optimize forecasts with machine learning that predicts changes in demand from both internal and external data signals


Create the best plan

Gather demand input from all key stakeholders to deliver a plan that keeps your customers happy and your bottom line healthy.


Reduce risk

Maximize revenue opportunities and proactively resolve risks through tighter coordination across functions.


Incorporate key events

Use advanced statistical forecasting to incorporate events like promotions, holidays and new product introductions into your plan.


Harness the power of AI

Keep your customers satisfied and your costs low with demand-sensing capabilities that let you stay ahead of shifting demands.


Keep customer promises

Meet customer expectations by setting consistently achievable delivery dates – and meeting them.


Make informed decisions

Base your order fulfillment decisions on sound financial and operational impact modeling.


Optimize promotions

Forecast the performance of any potential promotional event and automate promotion plans that maximize sales and minimize trade spend

Consensus-based demand planning where everyone wins

Kinaxis customers make continuous demand, supply and capacity alignment a reality with Demand Planning.

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Demand Planning

Create consensus-based plans in a collaborative process that’s orchestrated using a single platform. Combine demand planning with strategic capacity and supply management to reduce planning risk, actively monitor performance and adjust your demand plan when variances arise.

Kinaxis Demand AI

Take the guesswork out of demand forecasting.

Empower planners with highly accurate demand forecasts across all horizons using machine-learning based forecasting and sensing, while leveraging analytics, insights, and exception-based workflows to prioritize high value-add work. Incorporate the true drivers of your demand with both internal and external signals. Improve the starting point for your demand and supply plans with more accurate forecasts. Use confidence scores to focus consensus forecasting effort across the organization.

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Kinaxis Order Fullfillment

Meet customer expectations.

Set consistently achievable delivery dates so your customers won’t be disappointed. Base your order fulfillment decisions on sound financial and operational impact modeling.

Kinaxis Demand Planning

Improve long-range forecasts.

Understand the bigger demand picture and improve the accuracy of your long-range forecasts by adding advanced statistical forecasting to your Kinaxis Demand Planning application.

Kinaxis Retail AI

Intelligently predict demand.

Get highly accurate, automated mass promotional optimization and demand forecasting at chain, store and SKU levels with retail and consumer products solutions from Rubikloud, a Kinaxis company.

Improved forecast response time by 50%
With Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse), our forecast response to the customer has improved by at least 50%. It has also enabled customer planning collaboration, thus improved forecast planning.”
IT Manager
Large Enterprise Electronics Company

Kinaxis Demand Planning brochure

With the Maestro Demand Planning application, create an unconstrained consensus demand forecast that combines the statistical forecast with multiple functional forecast perspectives and events.

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Kinaxis gives you agility to make fast, confident supply chain decisions. Plan for any future. Monitor risks and opportunities. Respond at the pace of change.

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