Enterprise Scheduling

Connecting the worlds of planning and execution

Eliminate plant-specific scheduling silos.

Scheduling techniques should not be contained within a single plant. With Kinaxis Enterprise Scheduling, company-wide best practices are unleashed. Comprehensive scheduling is created across the entire organization allowing for more integrated strategies, regardless of the plant layout. With an easy to understand and modify scheme, you can turn plant-specific processes into measurable activity across the entire company.


Any plant layout

Assembly Shop, Production Line, Flow Shop, Job Shop, Hybrid Flow Shop, Open Shop. And you can mix-and-match different layouts in one application, with the same interface and capabilities, to account for each location’s methods.


Simplified changes

Whether entering in changes manually, or dragging existing scheduled blocks to a different day/time, everything is easy with interactive visualization in real-time.


Control your constraints

Take all constraints, such as material, resources, time and sequence, into account to create executable production schedules.


Cross talk allowed

Don’t rely on one-way communication from planning to scheduling. As Enterprise Scheduling is native to Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse®), there is a feedback loop in both directions to ensure everyone is aligned.


Turn activity into process

Capture informal knowledge and translate that into a repeatable, scalable process along with best practices across all sites.


Multi-KPI scheduling rule

One KPI to rule them all? Not with Enterprise Scheduling. Get instant, and understandable, scorecard views of all your scheduling KPIs, including OTIF, OTD, manufacturing lead times, throughput utilization and schedule attainment/adherence.

Know sooner and act faster in response to supply-demand imbalances.

Kinaxis customers make continuous demand, supply and capacity alignment a reality.

Extreme Networks
Miller Knoll
Lippert Components
Schneider Electric

Kinaxis Enterprise Scheduling

Use Enterprise Scheduling to eliminate plant-specific scheduling silos to turn informal knowledge into a repeatable, scalable process along with best practices across all sites, regardless of the shop layout.

Kinaxis Aggregate Supply Plan

Simulation, collaboration and analysis for fast response.

Easily view, evaluate and make decisions on trade-offs among supply, demand and inventory across the supply chain, all within a single platform.

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Kinaxis Supply AI

Drive costs out of your supply chain.

Balance trade-offs incorporating cost, revenue, on-time delivery, capacity and more using new modeling approaches and analytical solvers. Harness existing master data. Leverage flexible business objectives. Plan at any level of granularity. With Supply.AI you can solve a wide variety of business problems, including could-be-built to maximize margin by determining what products to build and how given available supplies and uncommitted capacity, and common blend, which lets you make the best use of available APIs and select the optimal processing techniques to maximize total demand satisfied.

Kinaxis Production Planning

Strike the right balance for your business.

With the Kinaxis Production Planning add-on, easily understand the impact that various production planning strategies will have on inventory, capacity and customer service across the entire supply chain.

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Kinaxis Capacity Planning

Expertly align capacity with supply and demand.

With the Kinaxis Capacity Planning (CRP) add-on, connect work centers and other parts of your supply chain so you can make granular, informed decisions about how to manage capacity and resources at the operational level.

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Kinaxis K23 Enterprise Scheduling

You need an enterprise-wide global solution

Connect all planning and scheduling decisions, concurrently.

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Kinaxis gives you agility to make fast, confident scheduling decisions. Plan for any future. Monitor risks and opportunities. Respond at the pace of change.

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