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2022年 07月 19日 | IT in the Supply Chain

As retail sales take a plunge during the cost of living crisis, retailers will be wary of the similar impact that the pandemic had on consumers as they pivoted to purchasing mostly essentials. If retailers have kept data from this period, they’ll be better prepared to update or change forecasts to meet financial objectives as the situation changes.

2022年 07月 14日 | Forwarder Magazine

It is crunch time in our fight against climate change. That’s the stark call to action contained in the latest IPCC climate report, published in April by global scientists and academics. The report lays out the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all sectors – otherwise global warming will surpass the critical temperature change of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

2022年 07月 14日 | Supply & Demand Chain Executive

The ongoing baby formula shortage has drawn attention to yet another critical area of supply chain operation -- efficient reverse logistics.

2022年 07月 05日 | Supply Chain World

We live in unprecedented times and such disruption and uncertainty mean myriad challenges facing organisations. And the weakest link in the supply chain can appear quickly and unexpectedly.

2022年 06月 29日 | Innovations in Food Technology

Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX: KXS), the authority in driving agility for fast, confident decision-making in an unpredictable world, has been selected by Carlsberg to create a harmonised planning process, and improve its commercial agility.

2022年 06月 27日 | The Motley Fool (Canada)

Kinaxis Inc. (TSX:KXS) stock popped over the past week after adding yet another big company to its impressive stable.

2022年 06月 23日 | Supply Chain Magazine (France)

Filiale de BP figurant parmi les principaux acteurs mondiaux des lubrifiants, Castrol a choisi Kinaxis et sa plateforme de planification intégrée afin de gagner en anticipation de la demande clients et en agilité sur le pilotage de l’ensemble de sa supply chain.

2022年 06月 22日 |

Replacing foreign suppliers with domestic partners has advantages, but reshoring doesn’t guarantee better supply chain resiliency and agility.

2022年 06月 16日 | Business Reporter

Jim Bralsford at Kinaxis explains how supply chain planners can get a broader perspective on sustainability

2022年 03月 11日 | DeGroote School of Business

The Student Presentation Competition that Zhuang won was a new addition sponsored by Kinaxis. A supply chain management and sales and operation planning software company, Kinaxis has a commitment to work with academic institutions to help train professionals in this area.

2022年 03月 02日 | Ottawa Business Journal

Ottawa-based Kinaxis says it expects revenues to rise more than 30 per cent in fiscal 2022 as demand for its supply-chain management software continues to soar.

2022年 02月 25日 | betakit

With investors, consumers and governments continuing to prioritize societal initiatives, environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is becoming critical for organizations to stay competitive in an increasingly socially conscious world.

2022年 01月 31日 | Ottawa Citizen

The following organizations have been chosen as National Capital Region’s Top Employers for 2022 (employee count refers to full-time staff).

2022年 01月 20日 | Total Retail

Today, disruption is no longer an “if”; it's now more of a “when.” As a result, we need more than what buffer stock offers to build more resilient, agile supply chains over the long term.

2021年 12月 13日 | Logistics Viewpoints

The law firm Crowell & Moring recently released a survey-based report that looked at how companies are navigating pressures to improve their environmental performance. The company surveyed 225 executives whose jobs included environmental, social, and governance issues. 56% of respondents said their company does NOT measure its carbon footprint.

2021年 11月 26日 | The Globe and Mail

The global supply chain didn’t get a whole lot of attention until it broke down. Now, consumers are painfully aware of just how much their lives rely on the smooth functioning of the system that moves goods around the world. Global shortages, episodes of hoarding, factories shuttered for lack of parts, soaring transportation costs, clogged ports and spiking inflation are all consequences of a snarled supply chain.

2021年 11月 09日 | Cantech Letter

National Bank of Canada analyst Richard Tse remains captivated by Kinaxis (Kinaxis Stock Quote, Charts, News, Analysts, Financials TSX:KXS), maintaining an “Outperform” rating and target price of C$225/share for a projected return of 14.7 per cent in an update to clients on Friday.

2021年 11月 05日 | Ottawa Business Journal

Software maker Kinaxis is boosting its revenue projections for fiscal 2021 in the wake of a third quarter that saw the Ottawa firm win a record number of new customers.

2021年 09月 30日 | Cantech Letter

The stock may have had its ups and downs this year but National Bank Financial analyst Richard Tse is staying bullish on Kinaxis (Kinaxis Stock Quote, Charts, News, Analysts, Financials TSX:KXS). In an update to clients on September 26, Tse maintained his “Outperform” rating and target price of $225/share for a projected return of 16.6 per cent at the time of publication.

2021年 08月 09日 | Ottawa Business Journal

Software powerhouse Kinaxis doubled its new customer wins from a year earlier in the second quarter as more mid-sized companies jumped on board amid continued supply-chain upheaval in the wake of the pandemic.

2021年 07月 16日 | diginomica

A wide-ranging interview with Anne Robinson, CSO at Kinaxis, in which we explore the changing role of supply chain professionals in the enterprise today

2021年 06月 01日 | diginomica

Traditional supply chain planning is siloed, argues John Sicard, Kinaxis CEO, as he opens today's Big Ideas in Supply Chain Virtual Summit. We examine his case for concurrent planning in a digitally connected world.

2021年 02月 10日 | TechTarget

Technicolor Connected Home digitally transformed its manual supply chain operations with the Kinaxis supply chain platform, resulting in improved forecasting ability.

2021年 01月 14日 | Forbes

Do you want visibility or transparency? Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, posed that provocative question to supply chain professionals on her LinkedIn feed. Ms. Mitchell-Guthrie is the VP of Industry Outreach and Thought Leadership at Kinaxis. Kinaxis is a top supplier of supply chain planning software.

2021年 01月 12日 | Ottawa Business Journal

“People matter here. Music matters here. We needed to demonstrate our commitment to the music industry as a whole including the people behind the scenes and the artists themselves.” – John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis