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You’re on a critical mission. Your ability to deliver to your customers hinges on coordinating an extremely complex supply chain burdened by materials shortages, long lead times, and increasing costs of components. Any further supply chain disruptions risk your ability to ramp up production, endangering your reputation and your ability to secure new contracts. Prevent your supply chain from stalling by digitizing your processes with Kinaxis.

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Unleash your supply chain’s full potential

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Slash your order-backlog and respond at supersonic speeds

Hitting mission critical delivery dates is paramount. Kinaxis enables you to quickly spot shortages and proactively simulate the best course of action to get alternate sources of supply. That way, you can get products off the backlog and onto the runway.

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Have full visibility into your complex bill of materials

When you have a component shortage or an engineering change to a part, it can be difficult to connect their impact to specific upper-level orders. Kinaxis helps you manage revisions to BOMs, see the impact on orders, and peg down into component supplies to detect where the problem is and how to solve it.

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Manage inventory across contracts to match demand and supply with ease

Planning for various programs with distinct supply requirements can be as frustrating as solving a jigsaw puzzle with the wrong pieces. Highly adaptable inventory control rules allow you to sort these puzzle pieces by grouping supply into distinct channels, tagging attributes, and dipping into wider supply pools during shortages to reduce spend.

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Forge a strong alliance across your multi-tier suppliers

Managing disruptions in your supply chain requires knowing the risk profiles of your n-tier suppliers. Kinaxis expands your visibility across your multi-tier network, enabling proactive risk detection and helping you coordinate with essential suppliers to resolve issues quickly.

We’ve got your industry covered.

We help aerospace and defense companies across a wide range of subverticals know sooner, act faster and remove waste.

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Explore how your company can be in-production (not a pilot) with advanced planning in as few as 12 weeks with proven results to transform CFO and supply chain metrics.

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Planning One

Advanced planning in 12 weeks

Get the critical capabilities you need across control tower, operational planning, supply planning, demand planning and inventory management, all operating concurrently on our industry-leading Kinaxis Maestro platform.

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Take your supply chain to the final frontier

The aerospace & defense industry is constantly pushing itself to the limits of innovation. To tackle the next big program with confidence, make sure your operations scale with you. Kinaxis empowers you to plan your capacity for future programs to ensure that you have the right resources in place to deliver on business requirements.

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In a heavy regulated industry, security is top of mind. That’s why our platform is available on-premise or in the cloud with datacenters in every region. Our platform delivers the latest industry-standard data protection and security measures that are trusted by leaders in the field.

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