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The Kinaxis Learning Center is the foundational layer for all training. We constantly develop, enhance and update the center’s content to reflect the evolution of Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse®) functions and features, as well as industry-specific supply chain best practices.

Here you’ll find material that accommodates your learning style, whether it’s reading, audio, video or hands-on exercises in an individual virtual training lab.


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Access all courses 24/7 and online support, independent of time zones.


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Explore new functions and features, as well as industry best practices.


Hands-on labs

Enjoy practical learning in a training lab environment that replicates Maestro resources and uses standard product datasets.


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Access public, scheduled virtual instructor-led training across time zones. See the latest schedule. Please contact us for additional information.

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To meet the demands of an ever-changing world and maximize opportunities, you've got to keep your mind open and ready for more information. At Kinaxis, we know continuous learning is the key to unlocking success with Maestro.

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Learning paths for you and your goals

Our learning programs provide a role-based path to competency and certification via a range of options, including instructor-led courses, virtual classrooms and self-paced learning, all of which include access to experts and validation of your Maestro proficiency. Whether you’re looking for a learning roadmap as an individual, as a group or for your entire Maestro user base, we’re here to help you reach your goals.

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In just under three minutes you can learn what makes the Kinaxis Learning Center (KLC) stand out from other learning environments and what the added value is of the hands-on lab and engagements with our learning experts.
Welcome to the Kinaxis Learning Center
En un peu moins de trois minutes, vous pouvez apprendre ce qui distingue le centre d'apprentissage Kinaxis (KLC) des autres environnements d'apprentissage et quelle est la valeur ajoutée du laboratoire pratique et des engagements avec nos experts en ...
Bienvenue au centre d'apprentissage Kinaxis
In knapp drei Minuten erfahren Sie, was das Kinaxis Learning Center (KLC) von anderen Lernumgebungen abhebt und welchen Mehrwert das Hands-on-Lab und die Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Lernexperten haben.
Willkommen im Kinaxis Learning Center
En poco menos de tres minutos podrá saber qué es lo que diferencia a Kinaxis Learning Center (KLC) de otros entornos de aprendizaje y cuál es el valor agregado del laboratorio práctico y del compromiso de nuestros expertos en aprendizaje.
Bienvienido a Kinaxis Learning Center
3분 이내에 키넥시스 러닝센터(KLC)가 다른 학습 환경과 차별화되는 이유와 온라인 자가 실습실의 가치 및 교육 전문가와의 참여에 대해 알아볼 수 있습니다.
키넥시스 러닝센터에 오신 것을 환영합니다

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