Talent and change

Attract and retain top talent with a supply chain management solution people love to use.

Find and fuel the best industry talent

To support a modern, connected supply chain in a volatile marketplace, you need the right talent. And to attract that talent, you need the right people, processes and technology in place. With Kinaxis RapidResponse, you get a fully connected, collaborative, intuitive platform to streamline your supply chain management processes and delight the next generation of supply chain leaders. Empower human supply chain practitioners to make fast, confident decisions with a solution designed for resiliency, agility and tailor-made user experience.

Building a community of supply chain experts

Together with our passionate, like-minded customers, partners and dedicated Kinaxis experts, our community is centered on creating the future of supply chain management – together. Here’s how we’re helping customers like you usher in the future of supply chain planning and execution:


Close the talent gap

Attract and retain top talent with a modern user experience, built-in artificial intelligence and smart collaboration tools.


Reduce training time

Role-based planning workflows are tailored to meet the unique needs of your team members.


Increase user adoption

Remove silos and empower team members with tools to automate tedious tasks.


Make confident planning decisions

Connect the end-to-end supply chain and make the best plan possible with easy-to-use what-next scenarios.

The most significant value we have seen from using RapidResponse is the time savings. Before we used to spend days manually entering data into our enterprise resource planning tool and various Excel spreadsheets to generate our forecasts. Now in RapidResponse we complete the same task within hours while providing more in-depth analysis."
Laure Morgan, S&OP Demand Planning Manager
Sonus Networks

Are you ready for the supply chain of the future?

When it comes to supply chain planning, there’s no such thing as business as usual. No matter the shape or size of your organization, finding and fueling the best industry talent – before your competition does – is essential to keep up with the speed of business.

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