Product design and user experience

Making enterprise user experience (UX) effective, consistent and delightful.

User-centered design for business solutions

We are driven by a user-centered approach to product design. Our user experience team crafts designs that resonate with users' needs, transforming their interaction into an intuitive, delightful, and satisfying experience. As part of the core product team, we work closely with developers and product management to solve complex problems through innovation. If you join us, you’ll work directly with customers and users to understand requirements and work collaboratively with other teams to create the best possible solutions. 

Our cross-functional team is often distributed throughout the organization, leading and facilitating projects that include the research and design of product applications,, new product experiences, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, and supply chain solutions.

Kinaxis UX Research

User experience researchers (UXRs) are liaisons between product teams and customers. We seek to deeply understand customer experiences, leading to actionable product enhancements. Our research methods include interviews, usability tests, surveys and concept tests. In our emerging community of design influencers, our customers regularly share their feedback.

Kinaxis AI + UX

The UX team collaborates closely with the AI/ML team to develop simple, intuitive tools that enable users to leverage powerful machine learning algorithms to understand their data, create forecasts and make better decisions.

We develop AI solutions that aim to augment and empower our users. Our AI solutions guide people to better decisions faster. We also provide the tools that allow our users to create, train, test and deploy their own AI models.

Kinaxis Visualizations

Our platform transforms the way users view their data with unique and customizable visualizations. We provide an expanding variety of visual tools to suit customer needs. Charts, geospatial maps and interactive supply chain network visualizations allow our users to connect with their data and identify key problems at a glance.

Kinaxis Interactive Design

Our designers are always striving to optimize the interaction between end users and our product. We go through an iterative process where we brainstorm solutions and put them through low- to high-fidelity prototypes. We test our solutions at different stages to ensure every decision we make will be meaningful to the end user.

Design Workshops

Creating a sophisticated platform, and using it to deploy transformative solutions, takes a lot of collaboration. To accomplish this, UX team members facilitate research and design workshops. Design workshops are collaborative sessions where UX team members, stakeholders, and users come together to address specific design challenges. These workshops foster creativity, diverse perspectives, and user-centered design thinking.

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Tools we use

We use powerful state-of-the art tools to do everything from find out what customers want through surveys to deliver a user experience that exceeds expectations.

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Innovation starts with people.

No two team members are alike, and that’s no exception for our group. Everyone on our team has a unique background and skill set and brings something new to the table. We believe it makes us stronger.

Many areas of expertise

We work together to create experiences that customers will love. It takes understanding what customers want first and then building and testing products to deliver an exceptional user experience.

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User experience design

User experience is the bread and butter of our design team. Starting with just one UX designer, we’ve grown to a substantial group with varying specialties. UX designers strive to create highly usable interactions by solving problems with design thinking. We host design sprints and other workshops to define and scope user problems and to engage with customers in co-design sessions.

User experience research

Understanding our users through extensive research and testing is a top priority for our organization and our growing team. Early stage discovery research allows us to examine a problem space and shape decisions before product development begins. We use a variety of research methods, including interviews, usability tests, surveys and concept tests. We engage users in research and testing throughout the design and development cycle to gather valuable insights to shape how we design the product. Both in-person and remote testing are conducted for qualitative and quantitative results.

Visual design

First impressions are everything. The user interface is the first introduction to an application. Visual designers play a key role in growing our UI platform and maintaining consistency by contributing to our in-house style guide and design system. They craft layouts, components and interactions with an eye for precision – no pixel out of place. They work shoulder-to-shoulder with developers to execute a polished UI. Visual designers also deliver interactive prototypes of high-fidelity designs, for both research and specification.

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