Music at Kinaxis

Creating community through music and the arts.

People matter here.
Music matters here.

The Kinaxis culture is anchored by the simple words “people matter here”, which extends to the communities where we live, work and play, including the world of music. Its unique ability to bring people together makes music an important part of our workplace culture.

At Kinaxis, we want employees to create shared experiences that bring smiles to faces, no matter where they’re located in the world or how they experience music. We enjoy live shows together, perform for one another and find opportunities to collaborate thanks to this collective passion.

Speaking of performing for one another, we're proud to have a wealth of in-house talent! A few times a year, Kinaxis employees take the stage and share their musical skills in lunch break concerts in The Hive. The concerts are also broadcast virtually so Kinaxis team members can rock out wherever they're located in the world. These live performances feature diverse musical genres, original tunes, covers of popular songs and lots of Kinaxis spirit!








Kinaxis InConcert

Kinaxis InConcert

Partnership with the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition

We have a strong connection to the music industry as a unifier for humanity, and for our company culture. In partnership with the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC), we host ‘Kinaxis InConcert: Live from the Hive’, a concert series where local, touring, and emerging artists from a wide variety of genres perform at Kinaxis’ HQ in Ottawa.

With music themes throughout, Kinaxis’ HQ includes a fully functioning sound stage with professional lighting and sound equipment, making it feel like a proper venue – because it is! These exclusive concerts are free for Kinaxis employees to attend live or watch from anywhere via livestream.

Our Kinaxis InConcerts take place at least once or twice a month, and feature a diverse range of artists and musical genres. Guest artists are given the stage and the opportunity to promote their music, upcoming shows, and sell merchandise.

Partnership with the Canadian Live Music Association

In 2020, Kinaxis partnered with the Canadian Live Music Association to support performers and venues hit hard by COVID-19 with a live streaming concert series – Kinaxis InConcert. The series was a reason to come together, celebrate artists, support venues across Canada and connect to fans during a time where live music needed our support.








Kinaxis Catapult Logo

Igniting the future of music

The next generation of musicians is on the come up, and we want to be there to support them on their journey to stardom. We’ve partnered with The Catapult Collaboration, a new music initiative managed by ArtHaus and designed to support emerging artists, to make that happen.

A collective of business leaders and creative changemakers, including multi-platinum singer-songwriter Serena Ryder, The Catapult Collaboration supports emerging musicians by pairing them with established artists for unique live, paid performance opportunities.

The Catapult Collaboration was launched in June 2022 with a private concert aboard the USS Midway aircraft carrier in San Diego, CA. The concert kicked off with the R&B stylings of emerging Toronto artist, Adria Kain followed by a trip to Mars with local rocker, TALK. The night ended with performances from our headliners, the iconic Grammy Award rocker Melissa Ethridge and JUNO Award winner Serena Ryder.

But the party didn’t stop there. We opened two new offices throughout 2022, meaning there was a lot of celebrating to do. At the grand opening event for our global headquarters in Ottawa, ON, we hosted 1,000 Kinaxis employees and their guests for an amazing evening full of music and smiles. The event featured artists Clerel and TALK and was headlined by Blue Rodeo and Serena Ryder.

Across the globe, the opening of our office in Chennai, India was an occasion to be remembered. Our commitment to appreciation of music could be heard in the performances from Indigenous percussionists specializing in Chendamelam, Thappattam and Dhol.

Through our work with ArtHaus, we’ve furthered our support for these community initiatives by sponsoring a series of events hosted by Dancer, Musician and Educator River Christie-White whose talents have helped spread awareness about the lack of support for Indigenous children and families with special needs.