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Improve your supply chain’s efficiency, sustainability and compliance by planning and monitoring recycling flows of incoming and outgoing products, internally and across your partner network with Kinaxis Recycling End-to-End Planning by OCYO.

Built on the Kinaxis Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse®)️ platform and leveraging the power of concurrent planning, Kinaxis Recycling End-to-End Planning (REEP) is the first supply chain planning solution to incorporate an end-to-end reverse logistics process that facilitates both re-manufacturing and recycling across multiple business partners – empowering companies to maximize the recapture of recyclable materials to meet corporate sustainability goals, recover costs and remain compliant with government recycling requirements.


Identify opportunities

Forecast incoming and outgoing products for recycling, re-manufacturing and refurbishing.


Maximize recapture

Model dismantling processes and various recycling flows downstream.


Integrate push and pull

Mix your push model (from incoming product) and pull model (to consumption of the outcomes).


Create the best recycling plan

Plan the end-to-end flows across your recycling network, while considering capacities, constraints and transportation.


Trace and monitor

Get full traceability and monitoring of products across the supply chain.


Reduce risk and maintain compliance with regulations

Use control tower functionality for insights and reporting.


Streamline the re-manufacturing process

Minimize the direct purchase and manufacture of new components.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

REEP is a digital, collaborative solution supporting the end-to-end reverse logistics process to help you make a difference for people, profits and the planet. When you know sooner, you can act faster to remove waste across the supply chain.

Control tower

Your cockpit for critical data checks, including key performance indicators (KPIs), against regulatory compliance and automatic exceptions alerts

Inventory planning

Built-in network modeling, synchronization strategies, differentiated service levels management and replenishment rules

Reverse logistics

Real-time reverse supply chain data inputs for dismantling bills of materials (BOMs), dismantling routes, re-manufacturing routes and push flows

About OCYO

At OCYO, our ambition is to become the leading consulting firm on the entire operations chain, from product design to recycling. Our team has been at the cutting edge of the planning, performance, transformation and digitization of extended supply chains for more than 20 years. An early adopter of Kinaxis Maestro, OCYO shares with Kinaxis a vision for supply chains done right: sustainability and waste elimination, end-to-end visibility, concurrent scenario planning and extended collaboration with external partners. To learn more about OCYO, visit their website.

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