Supply Planning

Profitably align supply with demand

Plan at the speed of business.

Intelligent supply chain planning for fast, actionable insights

Know sooner, act faster and remove waste across your supply plans with Kinaxis. Concurrently and continuously balance demand and supply plans with always-on, in-memory analytics on a weekly, daily and near real-time basis. Empower your users to be more productive with a simple, intuitive user interface. Get automatic alerts when there’s misalignment between supply and demand. Identify key stakeholders with smart collaboration, simulate and evaluate multiple plans at once and make confident, fast decisions all within our easy-to-use, ready-to-configure Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse®) platform.


Harness the power of AI

Automate manual tasks with configurable and expandable intelligent algorithms and analytics.


Plan in real time

Proactively identify gaps or issues with demand forecasts, sales orders, material, capacity, shipments and other elements of supply with exceptions-based alerts.


Simplify integration

Seamlessly connect your supply planning with sales and operation planning (S&OP), demand planning, inventory planning and production scheduling processes.


Reduce risk

Simulate and understand trade-offs between various plan options at the functional, strategic or any level with what-next scenarios.


Meet critical goals

Continuously balance supply, demand and capacity in a near real-time environment with master production scheduling (MPS).

Know sooner and act faster in response to supply-demand imbalances.

Kinaxis customers make continuous demand, supply and capacity alignment a reality.

Extreme Networks
Miller Knoll
Lippert Components
Schneider Electric

Supply Planning

Use the full power of Maestro’s what-next scenarios, smart collaboration and consequence analysis capabilities to execute your supply planning process.

Kinaxis Aggregate Supply Plan

Simulation, collaboration and analysis for fast response.

Easily view, evaluate and make decisions on trade-offs among supply, demand and inventory across the supply chain, all within a single platform.

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Kinaxis Supply AI

Drive costs out of your supply chain.

Balance trade-offs incorporating cost, revenue, on-time delivery, capacity and more using new modeling approaches and analytical solvers. Harness existing master data. Leverage flexible business objectives. Plan at any level of granularity. With Supply.AI you can solve a wide variety of business problems, including could-be-built to maximize margin by determining what products to build and how given available supplies and uncommitted capacity, and common blend, which lets you make the best use of available APIs and select the optimal processing techniques to maximize total demand satisfied.

Kinaxis Production Planning

Strike the right balance for your business.

With the Kinaxis Production Planning add-on, easily understand the impact that various production planning strategies will have on inventory, capacity and customer service across the entire supply chain.

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Kinaxis Production Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule and optimize factory resources.

With Kinaxis Production Scheduling, powered by PlanetTogether, leverage concurrent planning to effortlessly optimize factory resources, boost manufacturing efficiency and respond to customers faster than ever before.

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Kinaxis Capacity Planning

Expertly align capacity with supply and demand.

With the Kinaxis Capacity Planning (CRP) add-on, connect work centers and other parts of your supply chain so you can make granular, informed decisions about how to manage capacity and resources at the operational level.

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Improved planning cycles with significant results

The supply chain has become a top priority for companies in a time of volatility, but few have adopted planning processes that respond quickly to instability. This eBook shares key statistics about companies’ current supply chain planning capabilitie...
Research by IDC: Suply chain transformation for lasting innovation
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How does your supply chain planning compare to capabilities at other companies? IDC surveyed over 1,800 supply chain planners and leaders to understand what supply chain maturity looks like across industries and around the world. Get the details in t...
Supply chain planning drives better business performance in the modern enterprise
Change happens quickly, but changing your plans? That can be slow, especially with legacy supply chain tools. Discover how you can know sooner and act faster using a solution that synchronizes people, processes and data across the network.
Supply Chain Planner: Discover new planning possibilities with Kinaxis
Automate processes, increase visibility and simulate various production planning strategies all while controlling costs, time and impact to customers. The Kinaxis Production Planning application helps you plan and manage inventory to ensure that you ...
Production Planning Brochure
Don’t let late shipments and stretched lead-times put your sales growth and key customer relationships at risk. With the Kinaxis® RapidResponse® Production Scheduling solution extension, powered by PlanetTogether, you can effortlessly optimize factor...
Production Scheduling brochure
The Capacity Planning (Constraints) application quickly balances supply and demand by managing constraints on a global level. This brochure outlines the application’s features.
Capacity Planning (Constraints)
Maestro has reduced the cycle time for producing a supply plan for operations by half, while allowing for greater supply/operational plan accuracy.”
IT Systems Analyst
Large Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment Company

Kinaxis Supply Foundation brochure

Kinaxis Supply helps supply chain planners, schedulers and buyers across the supply chain continuously and concurrently balance demand and supply – material and capacity – to meet critical operational goals.

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Kinaxis gives you agility to make fast, confident supply chain decisions. Plan for any future. Monitor risks and opportunities. Respond at the pace of change.

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