Flex: Data integration with RapidResponse

About Flex

Flex is a technology manufacturer that provides supply chain, engineering and logistics services to other companies. Flex has used Kinaxis® RapidResponse® to manage its own supply chain for years, adding 80 sites and over 2,200 active users over the years.

The challenge and benefit

Flex runs thousands of scenarios and hundreds of analyses weekly, thanks to time-saving processes in RapidResponse. The company wanted to extend these benefits to its customers and to other companies, so it developed the Flex Pulse® centers with RapidResponse as a key component. The platform manages supply chain activity with real-time data to increase customer visibility, improve efficiency, and decrease costs. Flex has launched nine of these centers worldwide and will work with Kinaxis to help more companies implement similar solutions in their supply chains.

Flex saw great results, why can't you?