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2020年 04月 29日 | Raconteur in The Times

“This disconnected approach rewards functional prowess over end-to-end supply chain excellence. Managing the whole chain is a team sport. The first step to building resilience in supply chains is to connect everyone and everything to a singular version of truth and to lift the fog between functions.” ~ John Sicard, chief executive officer.

2020年 04月 24日 | Manufacturing Management

Supply chain specialist, Kinaxis has worked with Technicolor on the first phase of its global deployment of Kinaxis RapidResponse® for its Technicolor Connected Home business.

2020年 04月 24日 | Business Chief

For twenty years or more, organisations have concentrated on a cascaded decision-making process, with each specific function focused on optimising its own particular view of the supply chain, often to the detriment of other departments or units within the business. Departmental decisions taken would often impact the whole organisation in ways that were poorly understood or not fully apparent at the time, and driving efficiencies in one area regularly resulted in a lack of product availability, or too much product in the wrong place.

2020年 04月 20日 | Inbound Logistics

Five Steps for a Proactive Approach

2020年 04月 17日 | TechTarget

Supply chain applications from SAP Ariba, SourceDay and Kinaxis are helping companies find critical PPE, maintain manufacturing lines and plan for supply chain risk assessment.

2020年 03月 31日 | IT Reseller

Kinaxis Inc. has announced that Technicolor has completed the first phase of its global deployment of Kinaxis RapidResponse for its Technicolor Connected Home business. Based in Paris, Technicolor partners with leading service providers to deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences with operations in France, the US, Brazil, and China.

2020年 03月 26日 | Supply & Demand Chain Executive

The solution went live in just six months and is now helping Technicolor collapse the planning cycle, and provide greater visibility, higher responsiveness and more efficient decision-making.

2020年 03月 03日 | Logistics Viewpoints

Is your supply chain immature? Does it resemble a 14-year-old boy, as a planner I met at an Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning event described his company’s supply chain? Grown up beyond diapers but not yet making good decisions consistently.

2020年 02月 19日 | Raconteur

Businesses are embracing digital technologies, but applying them to operations is never a straightforward process. Supply chain experts weight in with five helpful insights for rewiring supply chains for the digital age.

2020年 01月 02日 | Forbes

In the course of doing a global study on the supply chain planning (SCP) market I talked to executives at solution providers from across the industry. One thing I asked them about was SCP in relation to the term digital twin.

2019年 12月 11日 | Ottawa Business Journal

Back in 2007, the Taggart Group of Companies made a prescient decision to buy a swath of land near a major highway off-ramp in the west end of Kanata.

2019年 12月 05日 | Nucleus Research

Nucleus selected 12 companies to watch in 2020 that are top performers who will continue to show exceptional performance into the future.

2019年 12月 03日 | Logistics Viewpoints

Analytics, big data, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, heuristics, optimization – do you feel beaten down playing buzz word bingo on a constantly changing board?

2019年 11月 28日 | Ottawa Business Journal

Selling at the top level requires proof and patience, Kinaxis CEO John Sicard told Techopia Live this week on the sidelines of SaaS North. Sicard was a keynote speaker at this year’s annual conference for software-as-a-service companies in Ottawa, where he shared Kinaxis’s secrets to selling to enterprise-class customers the likes of Honda, Toyota and Johnson Electric.

2019年 11月 05日 | Forbes

Procter & Gamble (P&G), the global consumer goods powerhouse, is known to have one of the best supply chains in the world.

2019年 09月 19日 | Harvard Business Review

Another month, another tariff or trade announcement, another supply chain disruption. Companies today compete in a volatile, fast-moving environment — but their supply chains don’t always match the speed of business.

2019年 09月 13日 | Ottawa Business Journal

Already riding high on a wave of big-name customer wins and plans to relocate to a brand-new, substantially larger headquarters to accommodate its growing workforce, Kinaxis said Friday it’s adding another marquee name to its client list.

2019年 08月 14日 | Analytics Magazine

Unless you’ve been Rip Van Winkle, asleep in a hollow for 20 years, you’ve witnessed a big increase in the buzz around artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). 

2019年 07月 29日 |

The Ottawa office construction sector is, suddenly, booming. Taggart Realty Management has been chosen to supply a 153,000-square-foot, purpose-built office building in the city’s Kanata sector for supply chain planning software company Kinaxis.

2019年 07月 29日 | Ottawa Business Journal

John Sicard remembers how people laughed when he once compared his burgeoning supply-chain software firm to another made-in-Ottawa tech darling.

2019年 07月 29日 | Ottawa Citizen

Kinaxis, which employs more than 400 in southwest Kanata, will announce Monday that it intends to lease a new headquarters building more than double the size of its current location at 700 Silver Seven Road.

2019年 07月 12日 | Pharmaceutical Technology

Three years on from the Brexit vote and no one is any the wiser as to what the UK’s future relationship with the EU will look like. The worst-case scenario of the UK leaving without a deal or any customs arrangements could have a severe impact on the life sciences supply chain, which is heavily reliant on just-in-time deliveries. Bill DuBois from Kinaxis explains what companies are doing to cope with the uncertainty and if there are any positives on the horizon.

2019年 06月 18日 | Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Lippert Components is a global supplier of components to the recreational vehicle and residential housing industries, as well as adjacent industries including bus, cargo and equestrian trainer, marine and heavy truck. With multiple facilities worldwide, Lippert needed a supply chain planning solution that could integrate their systems and processes - and help improve planning across the enterprise.

2019年 06月 03日 | Supply Chain Dive

For the last decade, the CPG giant has been on a mission to use technology to take the guesswork out of disaster response.

2019年 03月 12日 | Raconteur Supply Chain Innovation Special Report

Dr. Anne G. Robinson, chief strategy officer at Kinaxis, explains how organisations can break down silos in their supply chain, enabling better collaboration and faster, more confident decision-making to help meet the changing needs of customers.