Transportation Load Optimizer

Optimize transportation load building across your supply chain.

Control costs and improve sustainability.

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Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer by 4flow is a connected RapidResponse application that gives Kinaxis customers an accurate view of their rail, ocean, air and truck load transportation costs, by considering transportation variables such as carrier rates and inventory costs – all to help planners make confident, profitable supply chain decisions.

Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer supports improved material handling processes with concurrent, seamless integration into RapidResponse sales and operations planning (S&OP) workflows and what-next scenarios. Its optimization algorithms are based on real-world constraints, including freight rates and actual transportation capacities for actionable planning results. Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer reduces transportation spend by “preponing” and postponing shipments to consolidate orders and create fuller, more efficient loads. Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer reduces freight spend and increases capacity utilization by creating fuller, more efficient loads, resulting in significantly reduced freight spend and CO2 emissions for greater sustainability.


Create efficient transportation loads

Adjust orders into physical and shippable loads considering real-world logistics network characteristics.


Increase agility

Optimize and maximize transportation capacities from a strategic level down to the operational level.


Take control

Schedule transportation right down to the part number level.


Empower planners

Forecast full transportation loads (FTL) and less-than-full transportation loads (LTL) in the short and medium term.


Reduce risk

Anticipate freight costs when calculating what-next scenarios in the S&OP process.

Optimize your global supply chain.

Gain efficiency, save on transportation spend, and reduce emissions for people, profits and the planet with Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer by 4flow.

Routing planner

Get a complete view of your transportation network to quickly see how shipments are transported on different routes from suppliers to the end customer. The color chart gives you the ability to visualize multiple relationships between shipments, such as identifying what lanes have the longest lead time or highest percentage of cost savings.

Shipping analysis

Get a detailed view of selected shipping lanes. 4flow’s shipping cost shows the difference in price between the baseline, 4flow’s transportation analysis and the shipping cost after optimization – so you can see how many shipments were “preponed” and postponed to achieve load consolidation and thus have optimal cost results.

Optimized cost dashboard

The Transportation Planner is a dashboard that allows you to quickly compare costs before and after optimization. Identify how load utilization, inventory costs, transportation costs and total cost are impacted in a selected time frame.

Transportation utilization by site

The tree-map shows your inbound and outbound transportation network grouped by sites and parts to show the utilization percentage of each site. Quickly identify sites with lowest transportation utilization highlighted in red. A list of suppliers, suppliers’ sites and parts are available in the data table to the right for a more detailed view.

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