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Supply chain orchestration that keeps your customers happy

When you’re dealing with volatile demand and omni-channel complexity on top of new product releases and frequent promotions, there’s no room for hesitation or inaccuracy. Instead, manage your supply chain with transparency so you understand how changes affect your entire supply network, and run new scenarios quickly so you can respond to critical customer changes and disruptions more effectively than your competitors.

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複雑なサプライチェーンが原因で顧客に欲しい製品が手に入らないという不満を与えてはなりません。しかしながら、変動する需要、日々上下する価格設定、複雑な流通チャネル、そして製品の期限切れに対して、益々迅速に対応しなければならず、顧客満足を維持することが難しくなっています。 サプライチェーンの可視化と俊敏性を高め、絶え間なく変化する消費者ニーズを満足させる方法をご覧ください。

Unleash your supply chain’s full potential

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Gain end-to-end transparency

In the consumer products industry, change and disruption is the norm. Understand the impact of any change or disruption in your plans instantly with full level pegging so you can see where and how your supply network is impacted, whether it be at the finished goods, WIP, raw materials, or capacity level. Once your orders are out, get real-time alerts across the network and manage exceptions immediately, so you never skip a beat.

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Plan for any scenario, then stick the landing

Make faster and better decisions by creating scenarios on the fly and understanding trade-offs across KPIs such as revenue, margin, inventory, and on-time delivery, using weighted scorecards. Always select the best carriers and routes –from order allocation through last mile delivery – and continuously optimize as conditions change and unfold.

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Predict demand with confidence

Empower your planners with highly accurate demand forecasts across all horizons using machine learning-based forecasting and sensing. Incorporate the true drivers of your demand with both internal and external signals and make the best use of your inventory across the network when fulfilling orders.

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Minimize waste

Expired and obsolete product can increase cost and waste to your business. You can minimize waste by leveraging expiry information and customer shelf-life requirements into your supply plans. Get alerts for expiry risk and understand the impacts on planned inventory dispositions. Reduce unnecessary trucks on the road and GHG emissions with order and truck load optimization.

We’ve got your industry covered.

We help consumer products companies across a wide range of subverticals know sooner, act faster and remove waste.

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Explore how your company can be in-production (not a pilot) with advanced planning in as few as 12 weeks with proven results to transform CFO and supply chain metrics.

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P&G でのデジタルサプライチェーン変革

P&G は毎日数十億の人生に触れています。顧客への約束をグローバルに果たすため、数々の困難を克服しました。


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Plan, execute, and respond to your customer and consumers’ demands

Break down silos and manage your supply chain across every aspect of your production, distribution, inventory, and logistics activities. See impacts of changes and disruptions instantly, plan scenarios on the fly for better collaboration and decision making for your business, and automate and optimize logistics so you can deliver the high-quality products your customers and consumers expect.

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