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General questions and answers

What is the Kinaxis Certification Program?
The Kinaxis Certification Program enables anyone to demonstrate expertise and gain formal recognition with RapidResponse, through Kinaxis-authorized training, information resources, and then by passing the appropriate exam. Kinaxis provides certifications for both organizational and individual career goals at different levels of complexity. Our credentials provide an objective measurement of technical proficiency.

What are Kinaxis certifications?
Kinaxis certifications enable professionals to demonstrate basic, intermediate, and advanced knowledge in various areas of expertise. The certifications are either product or topic-specific, and will be very technical. Candidates should first follow the suggested pre-requisites, study, get hands-on practice, and then take the corresponding certification exam. Certifications are offered either as web-based delivery for Level 1 exams or in proctored testing centers worldwide for Level 2 & 3 exams (coming soon).

Who should get a Kinaxis certification?
The Kinaxis Certification Program is open to anyone seeking to validate their skills, at different levels and roles in working with RapidResponse. The resulting competitive technological edge and validated skills set will help certification participants with optimal usage and adoption of RapidResponse. This may become useful when seeking any career advancement.

Do my Kinaxis certifications expire?
Yes, Kinaxis certifications expire 30 months after being issued. Advance notice will be sent by our certification management system, CertMetrics at 6-month, 3-month and 1-month intervals, so you can plan time to recertify. 

Why do Kinaxis certifications expire? 
Kinaxis is continually adding new functionality to RapidResponse. In order to keep pace with the technology, and keep your skills up to date, it is important to recertify to validate that your knowledge is current. This ensures you can benefit from the ongoing value that RapidResponse delivers.

How does the recertification process work?
Use this table to locate the credential and the recertification requirements. Whenever you pass an exam, the 30-month countdown begins. If you pass a higher level exam, the 30-month countdown gets reset on lower level exams. For example, if your Author Level 2 certification is about to expire, and you pass Author Level 3, the expiration for Author 1, 2 & 3 becomes 30 months from the date you passed Author 3. You only need to maintain the highest level exam in each role.

Credentials & How to Recertify

Certified RapidResponse Contributor Level 1

  • Retake the exam

Certified RapidResponse Administrator Level 1

  • Retake the exam or 
  • Pass the Certified RapidResponse Administrator Level 2 exam

Certified RapidResponse Author Level 1

  • Retake the exam or 
  • Pass either the Certified RapidResponse Author Level 2/3 exams

Certified RapidResponse Integration Level 1

  • Retake the exam

Certified RapidResponse Administrator Level 2

  • Retake the exam

Certified RapidResponse Author Level 2

  • Retake the exam or 
  • Pass the Certified RapidResponse Author Level 3 exam

Certified RapidResponse Author Level 3 

  • Retake the exam

For Employees and Partners Only

Application Exams

  • Retake the application exam

Consultant Level Credentials

  • Achieve a higher level consultant credential or
  • Retake any of the exams that have expired

What are time-extended exams? 
To accommodate people that live in countries where English is not considered to be the primary language, we grant an additional 30 minutes for each exam. For Level 1 and application exams, you must select “Yes” to the “English as 2nd language” question in your Kryterion profile. During exam selection, you will then be presented with a list of exams that have the suffix “- Extended Time”. Selecting that exam will get you the additional 30 minutes. Anyone that has misrepresented themselves by selecting “Yes” when they not are not entitled to an extension are in violation of the programs terms and conditions, and are subject to loss of their credentials. The countries that DO NOT qualify for time extensions are: Australia, Belize, Bermuda, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This is based on country of residence, and not country of citizenship. For Level 2 and 3 exams, a 30 minute time extension happens automatically when you register and schedule one of those exams with Pearson VUE, provided you do not live in one the countries listed above.

What are Kinaxis digital badges?
Kinaxis digital badges are available only to employees and partners. They are awarded when someone passes an application exam. Like certifications, the badges will have the same 30-month expiration period. The badges may be downloaded from the candidate’s CertMetrics account. Kinaxis badges are compliant with the Open Badge standard. They can be shared with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media outlets, as well as used in email signatures.

How do I share my credential to LinkedIn and other social networks?
Log into your CertMetrics account and go to the Certifications link. For each certification you wish to share click on the Add to LinkedIn link. You will be prompted to log into your LinkedIn account. Once in LinkedIn, confirm the addition of the Kinaxis certification to your LinkedIn profile.

For an application badge, log into CertMetrics and click on the Badges link. If the system prompts you, click the Enable box and enter your email address, then click on the Badges link again. For each of the active badges you have earned, click on the grey area below the badge, and a window will appear with the icons for the social media outlets that are supported. Click on the LinkedIn icon, log into LinkedIn, and follow the LinkedIn prompts. Your badge will be now be shared. Use the other icons to share to the available other social networks.

What is the difference between an application badge and a certification certificate? 
An application badge is awarded after passing a focused exam on a particular application. A certification certificate is awarded for passing a more detailed exam, on a particular subject, like authoring or administration. Application exams will have less questions (≈30), and less time to complete. Certification exams will have 40-60 questions, more time (75-90 minutes) and may or may not be proctored. Application badges may be shared to social networks. Certification certificates may be placed directly 

Sample badge and certificate


Exam Information

Who delivers the exams and how do I register?
Our Level 2 & 3 certification exams are delivered worldwide through Pearson VUE. Certification candidates should go to the Pearson VUE website and create a profile, using their Kinaxis Knowledge Network email address. If you do not have a Kinaxis Knowledge Network email address, go to and create an account. Once a testing center is located, registrations can be made for the appropriate exam from the list provided.

Our Level 1 exams are delivered online through the Kryterion Webassessor tool. Visit the Kryterion website and create an account there using your Kinaxis Knowledge Network email address. Additional information can be found on our testing information page.

What is the cost of an exam?
Level 2 & 3 certification exams cost $400 USD for each attempt. Level 1 exams cost $100 USD for each attempt. Both Kryterion and Pearson VUE accept credit cards as payment.

What is the exam re-take policy?
Level 2 & 3 exams may be attempted twice in any given two-week period. Level 1 exams may be taken as often as needed.

How do I find the exam information and objectives?
Exam details are available on the exam information page on the Kinaxis website. The current exams, exam numbers and durations are listed, with a link to the Certification Page on the Kinaxis Knowledge Network for the study guides, objectives, and study materials.  

What are the passing scores for the exams?
The passing score, or cut score for certification and accreditation exams will vary from exam to exam. A lower passing mark typically indicates a more difficult exam. Cut scores for our exams are listed on the exam information page

What happens after I pass an exam?
For Level 1 exams, you will get the results at exam completion. For Level 2 & 3 exams, each candidate will receive a score report from the testing center, which should be kept in a safe place. Within 2-3 days, you will receive an email from a sender called Kinaxis Certification, sent to the email address in your profile. The welcome email will contain information about accessing our certification management system, CertMetrics, and getting your logo and certificate. A certificate will be available for each credential achieved. We do not number our certificates, but each certificate has a verification code and validation URL on the front.

Is there a non-disclosure agreement, and terms and conditions associated with the exams?
Before attempting any exam, a candidate must read and agree to the terms of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Kinaxis does not tolerate the use of non-authorized training materials, such as purchased 3rd-party “study guides” or brain dumps. Anyone found violating this rule may face a lifetime ban from the program. We have a zero-tolerance policy. Candidates wishing to appeal their results may follow the appeal procedure described in the agreement.

What is the Kinaxis Privacy Policy regarding exam results and candidate information?
Except for administrative purposes within Kinaxis, exam results and personal information will remain confidential, and will not be disclosed by Kinaxis to any party other than the examinee, unless the candidate has chosen to “opt-in”, or if there is express written consent. This would include pass/fail status, exam scores, and a list of certifications held. We deeply respect the confidentiality and privacy of the candidate’s information. Candidates may access their records online and choose to “opt-out”.

Tracking your credentials

How can I track the credentials I have earned?
Our tracking system is called CertMetrics, and is available at any time. Log in directly, or for first-time users, follow the instructions in the congratulatory email. Once there, you can download your certificates and logos, update your demographic information and job title. You can find your account by sending an email to There should only be one account assigned to each person.

Can I get a transcript of my results?
Using CertMetrics, you can log in and get a complete transcript of your exam results. You also may have the transcript sent securely to a third-party.

How do validate the authenticity of a Kinaxis credential?
Each certificate we issue for any earned credential has a Certificate Verification Link on it, and a Certificate Verification Number. Simply visit this link in CertMetrics, and enter the verification number. If the certificate is valid you will see a message like this, using a mobile in this example:

Certification image