Our platform: RapidResponse

Make smarter supply chain decisions faster

Get the speed, flexibility and efficiency you need to manage today’s supply chain volatility with the Kinaxis RapidResponse platform. It’s the only way to enable concurrent planning.

RapidResponse lets you use concurrent planning to make collaborative business decisions 100x faster. Never worry about not being able to keep customer promises again. End-to-end visibility reduces unexpected risks and lets you track performance. You’ll actually be able to see your plans get better over time. With planning automation, cut costs and improve productivity. Streamlined workflows and responsibilities mean only focusing attention where it matters most.

What makes our technology different?


Connect your data, processes and people across all planning functions with one cloud-based platform, code base and data model.


Plan, monitor and respond to changes in real-time across your supply chain without relying on disconnected, cascaded planning techniques.


Build your plans in minutes, not days or weeks, with an in-memory database that delivers calculations in seconds.


Work smarter with the single role-based user interface tailored for planners, executives and power users using personalized dashboards and scorecards.


Bring the right people together to solve issues with the context they need directly in the platform.


Let the platform do the work with always-on streaming analytics and machine learning algorithms that track billions of records and hundreds of scenarios without limitation.


Predict any future from any past or the present with a database that allows unlimited digital twins.


Ensure your supply chain is in sync with unified data that flows across multiple sources, including ERP systems, without duplication.


Keep planning models up-to-date with point-and-click configurability – no coding required!


Work on any device you want with an easy-to-use, responsive design.

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.