Our platform: RapidResponse

Make smarter supply chain decisions faster

Get the speed, flexibility and efficiency you need to manage today’s supply chain volatility with the Kinaxis RapidResponse platform. It’s the only way to enable concurrent planning.

RapidResponse lets you use concurrent planning to make collaborative business decisions 100x faster. Never worry about not being able to keep customer promises again. End-to-end visibility reduces unexpected risks and lets you track performance. You’ll actually be able to see your plans get better over time. With planning automation, cut costs and improve productivity. Streamlined workflows and responsibilities mean only focusing attention where it matters most.

What makes our technology different?


Understand your current performance and instantly see and interpret the impact of a change across your end-to-end network. Our single cloud-based platform, code base and data model let you synchronize all aspects of your supply chain. The result is dynamic supply and demand balancing.

What-next scenarios

Predict any future, from any past for any planning horizon. Run any number of scenarios, create complete supply chain replicas and capture historical context in seconds. The result is KPI- and accountability-based decision-making.

Smart collaboration

Automatically find and engage the right people and the right information. Our responsibility matrix shows you who to work with, delivers the context you need and archives your decisions – all within the platform. The result is faster, smarter collaboration.

Planning and execution alignment

Close the gap between planning and execution. Our ERP-agnostic solution lets you connect all internal and external data sources, including multiple ERPs, without duplication. The result is a unified, connected, digital enterprise.

Augmented intelligence

Automate the routine and escalate the exceptions. Our predictive algorithms are always on, always learning and always synchronized. The result is that machines do the heavy lifting so humans can focus on what really matters.

Personalized experience

Work smarter, not harder. Our responsive role-based user interface lets you tailor metrics and data, and guides you through your day with workflows, playbooks and alerts. The result is a planning tool people actually want to use, with no coding required.

Practical innovation

Implement real-world solutions to your supply chain problems. Our constant innovation revolves around practical applications that deliver clear benefits. The result is an atmosphere of co-innovation where we’re working together to build capabilities you actually need.

Flexible maturity and scalability

S&OP, demand, supply, inventory, capacity – start from anywhere and grow the way you want. Our single platform lets you add on capabilities with ease. The result is the ability to mature and scale your supply chain at your own pace without needing any custom code.

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.