Know sooner. Act faster.

Supply chain planning, monitoring and response

Yesterday’s planning techniques are no match for today’s volatility

It’s time for a change in your supply chain.

Managing supply chains has never been harder. But most of us are stuck planning in silos because we’re using the same inefficient cascaded processes from decades ago. New offerings using old techniques don’t solve the problem. Enter concurrent planning and the ability to make smarter, synchronized decisions 100x faster.
Keep every customer promise. Cut inventory costs. Reduce risks. It's all possible with end-to-end visibility, automation and concurrent planning, powered by Kinaxis.

One platform. Many supply chain solutions.

Create and analyze S&OP scenarios in minutes instead of days.

Define collaborative processes, weigh options and trade-offs, and align plans with financial goals.

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Assess changes to demand plans in minutes instead of weeks.

Create consensus demand plans that combine historical statistical forecasting with functional forecast streams.

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Cut your buy spend by a quarter.

Align supply with demand at all levels. Identify gaps and collaborate to avoid excess and shortage conditions.

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Reduce your finished goods inventory by a third.

Determine the best inventory strategy to support customer service levels across the supply chain.

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Analyze changes to build plans in seconds instead of hours.

Model constraints and fine-tune capacity simultaneously to respond to changing conditions with ease.

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Automatically close the gap on expected and actual performance.

Surface complex dependencies and patterns and drive performance in an easy-to-understand way.

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Demand and supply planning in real time

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These companies changed their approach to supply chain planning.
Now they know sooner and act faster.

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