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The Self-Healing Supply Chain: Machine Learning in Service of Supply Chain Excellence - KinaxisThe Self-Healing Supply Chain: Machine Learning in Service of Supply Chain Excellence - Kinaxis

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Self-Healing Supply Chain - KinaxisSelf-Healing Supply Chain - Kinaxis

Revolutionize Planning - KinaxisRevolutionize Planning - Kinaxis

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Concurrent Planning - KinaxisConcurrent Planning - Kinaxis

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Offering the industry’s only concurrent planning solution, Kinaxis is helping organizations around the world revolutionize their supply chain planning. Kinaxis RapidResponse, our cloud-based supply chain management software, connects your data, processes and people into a single harmonious environment. With a consolidated view of the entire supply chain, you can plan expected performance, monitor progress and respond to disconnects when reality hits. RapidResponse lets you know sooner and act faster, leading to reduced decision latency, and improved operational and financial performance. We can prove it. From implementation to expansion, we’re here to help our customers with every step of their supply chain journey.

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These companies changed their approach to supply chain planning.
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  • Nissan Motor
  • SMTC Corporation
  • March Networks Corporation
  • Extreme Networks
  • Flex

Find Kinaxis at these upcoming supply chain events

The Kinaxis event calendar is always full.  We believe that getting face-to-face with people is one of the best ways to get our message out and make our value known. Whether it's live product demonstrations at our booth, customer case study presentations, or one-on-one meetings, we try to provide valuable opportunities to engage with event attendees. How about attending one of these upcoming events?  And if you do, we invite you to stop by our booth or schedule a meeting, so we can show you the powerful capabilities and the resulting business outcomes you can get with Kinaxis RapidResponse.  In the meantime, please stay connected with Kinaxis; here are ways to follow us.

Gartner EMEA

September 23 - 25, 2017

London, UK


We are once again proud to be premier sponsor of the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, which takes place September 24-25 at the InterContinental London, UK

Come hear a Kinaxis customer share their journey in revolutionizing their supply chain. Join us at the Supply Chain Top 25 Dinner, where world-class supply chain achievements are celebrated. Visit our booth in the Solution Provider Showcase where attendees will have the opportunity to see RapidResponse in action.

In a Nutshell...

Kinaxis enables our customers to improve and accelerate analysis and decision-making across their supply chain operations.

We help leaders across multiple industries, including A&D, Automotive, High Tech, Industrial and Life Sciences to create a foundation for concurrent planning, continuous performance monitoring, and coordinated responses to plan variances across multiple areas of the business. Our single-product offering supports a full spectrum of supply chain related business processes, including: S&OP, supply planning, capacity planning, demand planning, inventory management, MPS, and order fulfillment.

Our customers have immensely complex supply chain networks and volatile business environments. Yet, they have been able to replace disparate planning and performance management tools and realize significant operations performance breakthroughs in planning cycles, supply chain response times, and decision accuracy. They can easily model varying supply chain conditions to make both long-term and real-time demand and supply balancing decisions quickly, collaboratively, and in line with the shared business objectives of multiple stakeholders.