The 12 words of supply chain: A celebration of innovation

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The phrase “supply chain” used to garner blank stares from most who did not work in the industry. Then 2020 came along and supply chain stepped into the spotlight as conversations about product hoarding, meat shortages and vaccine distribution became mainstream.

This year was full of challenges, but from a supply chain professional’s perspective, there were also stories of success and hope. From each story, we had the opportunity to see how the men and women of supply chain were doing the work that kept the world moving during a pandemic and also laid the foundation for future delivery of goods and services.

In the spirit of the holiday season, this 12-part retrospective looks at a sampling of those stories, illustrating how supply chain rose to the occasion, innovated and created new connections. Each part is a short video with a single story from 2020, as inspired by a single word. We're releasing new videos through December 22. Come back to this space for updates.

  1. Ford Motor Company learned how to PIVOT production to make PPE.
  2. UK retail chain Superdrug expanded its partnership with Beauty Banks to add 100 in-store DONATION boxes.
  3. Smithfield Foods offered to become PARTNERS with health care officials in the storage and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.
  4. Schneider Electric is investing in the INCUBATION of industry 4.0 innovation.
  5. Hubbell and GE Current are using LIGHT to curtail the spread of bacteria.
  6. P&G and Raytheon made the move to VIRTUAL in their internship programs.
  7. INTERCONNECTED supply chains are making it possible to produce and transport the dry ice used in healthcare applications.
  8. How Jabil used its advanced technologies to PRINT PPE.
  9. Mars is increasing its SUSTAINABILITY by monitoring palm oil production and deforestation across its suppliers.
  10. An unexpected DEMAND spike in Canadian retail demonstrates the potential for the bullwhip effect to strike any industry.
  11. Governments and private companies are preparing supply chains for this planet and beyond as many launch new SPACE missions.
  12. A call to ACTION inspired by Unilever's chief supply chain officer.

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