An Interview with Kinaxis: Supply Chain Control Readiness

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Recently we had the pleasure of reading a blog by Bob Ferrari, Supply Chain Matters where he interviewed our very own Monique Rupert, VP Customer Services.

An Interview with Kinaxis: Supply Chain Control Readiness

In the post she made some very good points about the Supply Chain Control Tower, which we wanted to share:

How would you describe the current market and/or customer interest level regarding Supply Chain Control Tower capabilities?

There is a continual and growing interest. We hear more and more customers using “Control Tower” to indicate future initiatives they are considering. Brand Owners are looking to better understand how a Control Tower could benefit them. They want to hear more about the buzz in the industry that everyone is referring to as Control Tower. Most are looking to better understand the building blocks and hi-level processes needed to assemble a CT environment, and what steps need to be taken to construct the foundation.

Are current interest levels coming from specific industries or specific supply chains?

Not specifically, it seems to be coming from all industries and supply chain. We see the biggest interest – and likely highest potential value of return – from our Brand Owner customers in the consumer electronics industry as well as other customers with high volatility and complex supply chains. Customers and prospects in the Consumer Electronics industry are seeing that they can no longer support their rapidly moving supply chains on disconnected spreadsheets and email. They need the ability to sense and respond to their customer’s ever changing demands and consumer trends. They are also seeing that the legacy approach of “functional excellence” with best-of-breed solutions targeted at specific business problems or limited geographies as no longer working. To be competitive in the marketplace, they are seeing the need to bring all the supply chain data and decision making into a single Control Tower platform, otherwise, they find out too late and act too slowly.

Read more from Monique's interview at the Supply Chain Matter's blog. Monique Rupert joined Kinaxis in March 2008. With more than 20 years of professional services experience, her primary focus is supporting the company's expanding customer base through the development of scalable services backed by a strong partner ecosystem. To this end, Monique works closely with the Alliances group in successfully engaging strategic partners to help deliver consulting and integration services as the company continues to aggressively grow its business.

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