Big Ideas in Supply Chain | CSL Behring: Improving the collaborative experience

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CSL Behring: Improving the collaborative experience

In a fast-paced world where supply chains operate in constant flux, being able to predict, absorb and react to the unexpected is critical. Concurrent planning has made this possible for CSL Behring, a leading plasma therapeutics company.

For a company with over 200 plasma collection centers spread across Europe and the U.S., synchronized plans across time horizons, business processes and organizational boundaries was key. With its digital transformation, CSL Behring wanted to ensure its next platform could provide true end-to-end planning insights to eliminate silos that prevented collaboration across its complex network. The company launched a new integrated business planning process that connected supply and demand planners, increasing the speed of planning cycles and creating opportunities to do more scenario planning.

Today, CSL Behring has established a new confidence, knowing they are making the best supply chain planning decisions with this enhanced visibility. Learn how CSL Behring transformed its supply chain planning in the latest video in our Big Ideas in Supply Chain series, featuring Avi Gore (Global Process Lead for Integrated Business Planning, CSL Behring) and Samer El Helou (Product Manager, Supply Chain Solutions, Kinaxis) describing:

•    CSL Behring’s improved supply and demand planning collaboration
•    The simplified planning processes that increased planners’ discipline and confidence
•    The continued development of new solutions to meet the needs of the future


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