Building the foundation of your digital supply chain

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It’s getting harder and harder to get ahead—and stay ahead—of the constantly shifting realities of today’s interconnected world. Unstable markets, growing customer demands, emerging competition and deep-rooted reliance on outdated, legacy systems are causing chaos and complexity. Traditional supply chain issues are only getting compounded by all of these new and emerging data sources. Everyone’s turning to digital for the answers. And it’s no wonder when companies with digital supply chains are seeing enterprise-wide results like 25% faster response times, 30% working capital reductions and up to 110% higher operating margins. But without the right foundation, your digital supply chain won’t deliver the kinds of agility and productivity improvements you’re looking for. Setting yourself up for digital success requires focusing on a solid supply chain foundation with three key capabilities—integration, intelligence and automation. Check out our on-demand webinar, where we explore how starting your digital transformation journey off the right way can help you solve supply chain issues and drive results across your supply chain. Join Kinaxis experts Bill DuBois, Director of Industry Marketing, and Andrew Bell, Director of Product Management, as they explain:

  • What’s driving the push toward going digital, and what could be standing in your way
  • Why moving forward with a digital supply chain is vital to the success of your business
  • Which capabilities are critical in forming the right digital supply chain foundation

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