Conquering disruption in the consumer products industry

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You know consumer society has reached peak supply chain awareness when what was once the obscure jargon of a relatively small group of highly trained professionals (supply chain planners) has become a staple of our everyday lexicon. People casually dropping references to global supply chains has become so common that you no longer bat an eye when someone confidently says “it’s a supply chain issue” at your neighbor’s dinner party, or when your teenage daughter shows you the latest “I-sense-a-disturbance-in-the-supply-chain” meme on Twitter. 

The reality is that consumer expectations since the start of the pandemic have been thwarted again and again as a result of unprecedented disruption to global supply chains. Everyone remembers the toilet paper shortage of 2020, and many of us have heard that computer chips and baby formula are in short supply, but even with the worst of the pandemic behind us, we’re still hearing new reports all the time of shortages and delays in consumer products ranging from lumber and lawn chairs to bicycles and beer. On a more positive note, there are signs we may be coming to the end of the global sriracha shortage

All kidding aside, supply chain disruption caused by the aftershocks of the pandemic is having an enormous impact on peoples’ lives. Families can’t buy some of the essential products they need to function, like school supplies. Shortages also mean major projects, like home renovations, are put on hold, as are many celebrations of major life events, like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.  

That’s why effective supply chain planning is so critical in the consumer products industry, and every other industry, for that matter. The traditional methods and tools used for supply chain planning (we’re looking at you, Excel spreadsheets) simply do not have what it takes for planners to successfully navigate the levels of disruption we’re seeing today and that are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Check out the second video in our Supply Chain Moments series, which offers a funny take on supply chain delays in the consumer products industry and how we cope with them that will ring true for just about anyone. 

Be sure to watch for the other videos in our series that tackle the impacts of supply chain disruption in the automotive, life sciences and industries.

It’s time to eliminate disruption. See how Kinaxis can help you tackle each moment.

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