Countdown to Kinexions ’17: Supply chain stories that inspire

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It’s hard to believe that Kinexions ‘17 is only a few weeks away. Time flies – just like astronaut Chris Hadfield, who will be joining us as our keynote speaker on the Kinexions mainstage in Orlando this year. For those of you who missed my last blog post, Kinexions is the premier annual event for our RapidResponse® user community, including customers and prospects. The supply chain conference offers two full days of networking, inspiring keynotes, informative general sessions and a variety of breakouts delivered by customers, product experts and partners. Last post, I touched on the top five reasons to attend the conference:

  1. Supply chain stories that inspire
  2. Out-of-this-world keynote speakers
  3. Network. Network.
  4. Fun, exercise and a touch of Supertramp
  5. More opportunities for RapidResponse learning

Today, I’d like to dig a little deeper into reason #1: supply chain stories that inspire. This year, we’re delighted to welcome some special customer speakers to our Kinexions ’17 mainstage to share their RapidResponse stories. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of those customers and what they’ll be talking about.

Honeywell: Extending value since becoming customer #1

Honeywell has been utilizing RapidResponse in most sites for over 10 years with some that started more than 20 years ago – the day RapidResponse was introduced. In the beginning, RapidResponse was the “fast MRP engine” for the Aerospace division. As users discovered the flexibility of the data model and software, Honeywell found many additional uses, even outside MRP and supply chain. In this session, attendees will see examples of incremental applications such as a labor force management tool.

Schneider Electric explores artificial intelligence and machine learning

What's the next step for artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in the supply chain? Both show great promise for enhancing supply chain decision-making – especially for big multi-nationals with large product portfolios such as Schneider Electric. In this session, go on a voyage of discovery to learn how Schneider Electric is exploring AI/ML, as well as some practical use cases.

Lippert Components: 5 phases to transform demand planning

Over the past three years, Lippert Components has begun to revolutionize the way it plans both demand and supply throughout the organization. Previously, each business unit planned in its silo, with myriad processes at various maturity levels. The lack of consistency and transparency not only reduced efficiency and productivity, but also created poor inventory health. In this session, speakers will cover how RapidResponse has helped orchestrate the way supply chain planning is managed by connecting Lippert Component's data, process, and people, which has enabled teams to work together in a single environment. And that’s just a glimpse of some of the sessions on day 1! To check out the full conference agenda, including breakouts, networking opportunities and post-conference product training, visit the Kinexions '17 website. Stay tuned for further event updates!

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