How a Demand-driven Perishables Supply Chain Can Keep Grocers Fresh

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We just had to share this amazing infographic created by Cognizant, a global leader in business and technology services, on the perishables supply chain. Up to 133 billion pounds of food is wasted annually in the U.S. alone. This translates to a cost of $162 billion. There is much that grocers can do to rein in the squandering of such a precious resource. The infographic by Cognizant below outlines the causes of the perishables problem and presents ways that a demand-driven replenishment model can help grocers better anticipate supply requirements, improve storage and maintain food freshness. In their experience, a demand-driven replenishment model can reduce spoilage by as much as 50%, reduce inventory and related costs by up to 20% and increase sales by up to 2.5%. Want to learn more? Read Cognizant's whitepaper "High-Velocity Supply Chains for Perishables: A Fresher Proposition" or email them for more information at

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