Independent research reveals how organizations can succeed in a brave new tariff-driven trade world

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It sounds ominous, but it’s a brave new tariff-driven trade world out there – a reality senior executives whose organizations operate global supply chains are coming to grips with.

Navigating the latest tariffs, and the resulting ripple effects on currencies along with fluctuations in labor costs make it increasingly difficult for companies managing complex multinational supply chains to make effective sourcing, purchasing and production decisions fast enough to stay competitive. And by staying competitive, we’re talking about the bottom line. Because at the end of the day, that’s how corporate leadership is measured.

According to Ventana Research in a report commissioned by Kinaxis, only 35 percent of companies with more than 1000 employees say they’re able to react quickly to changing marketing conditions – an astonishingly low number. And when a company is unable to change course based on ever-changing supply chain and market conditions, they inevitably fall behind their rivals.

So what’s the answer?

That’s what Ventana Research provides in a white paper titled, ‘Winning in the New Era of Trade’. In it, Ventana explores the current and emerging realities organizations managing global supply chains face, and provides insights into how those realities can be mitigated by putting the right supply chain technology in place.

And what difference does the right technology make?

According to Ventana, the right solution features automation to help them scale, plan and intelligently manage even the most complex of supply chains, helping grow market share and achieve and sustain profitability. In Winning in the New Era of Trade, Ventana details how a solution providing agile strategic planning, collaboration and execution workflows improve an organization’s ability to meet delivery promises and profitability objectives despite today’s volatile supply chain realities. Download ‘Winning in the New Era of Trade’ from Ventana Research, and let us know how today's trade realities are impacting your supply chain.




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