Is global complexity driving your automotive supply chain to the edge?

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The solution to supply chain issues in the automotive industry


Don’t put your supply chain profits and productivity at risk. New technologies, emerging and shifting markets, disconnected regional processes, increasing volumes and added customer demands—these are just a few of the speed bumps automotive supply chains are facing. And not addressing all that mounting complexity could be putting your supply chain profits and productivity at risk. But shining the headlights on these potential issues isn’t enough to solve them. To keep your automotive supply chain on the road to success, you’ll need to realign, consolidate and coordinate supply chain planning across all tiers and regions in your network, including suppliers. And that means connecting data, processes and people into a single supply chain planning platform—one that utilizes concurrent planning. No more wasting time chasing down disparate data, struggling to harmonize regional and global processes or trying to get your worldwide workforce to collaborate. With concurrent planning, you can plan expected performance, monitor progress and respond when changes happen. That will help drive down costs, improve efficiency and better prepare you to stay competitive in an increasingly demanding landscape. By facing complexity head-on, you can achieve:

  • Higher customer satisfaction levels – With improved demand forecasting, you’ll be better equipped to understand which cars with which options customers in each region want.
  • Lower inventory costs – Better supply and demand alignment means you’ll have less capital tied up in inventory, since you won’t be holding the wrong parts in the wrong locations.
  • Greater revenue and market share – With properly balanced supply and demand, you’ll have enough of the right products to meet customer requests—something your competitors could still be struggling with if they haven’t overcome complexity.

Interested in learning more about overcoming complexity in your automotive supply chain? Download our industry spotlight to see how concurrent planning can help you steer clear of speed bumps and fuel your supply chain profits.


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