Journey of an intern at Kinaxis Japan: insights and advice

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What’s it really like to work at Kinaxis as an intern? Our latest intern blog post comes from Yui Nagasaka, who worked with the Professional Services team at our offices in Tokyo, Japan.

Photo of Kinaxis intern Yui Nagasaka standing next to a wall with the red Kinaxis logo signFrom valuable work experience to learning new skills, read on to learn more about Yui’s experience with our global team.  

What have you learned in your time at Kinaxis?

Despite the short duration of my internship, I gained a valuable set of skills. In terms of hard skills, the insightful training sessions provided by my team helped me learn how RapidResponse® plays a crucial part in supply chain management (SCM). In terms of soft skills, I gained significant insights into project management. This skill had been a challenge for me during my university studies.

Managing projects can be difficult, with challenges such as delays in planning and changes in scope. The knowledge and experience gained at Kinaxis has been extremely beneficial in improving my project management skills.

What are some of the highlights of your experience at Kinaxis?

I played a supply chain game with members of my team with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities within supply chain management. This activity simulated the issues associated with supply chain coordination. The rules were relatively simple so that even fresh interns like me could understand it. Despite this simplicity, this game effectively simulated the challenges associated with managing a supply chain. For example, one of the problems that should be solved in SCM is the inability to procure things at the right time, which also happened in this game.

While I had previously acquired knowledge of supply chain issues through research and books, this activity offered more practical insights. In addition, the game itself was a lot of fun and required a lot of cooperation to win. It helped me bond more with both the Kinaxis team members and my fellow interns.

What are some of the projects that you have worked on during your placement?

During my internship, my primary project involved constructing and enhancing a supply chain for an imaginary food company using RapidResponse. The initial phase of this project consisted of defining the necessary data, which was more complex than I had initially anticipated. Nevertheless, I gained a solid understanding of data models within RapidResponse during this process. Once the data was accurately defined, the subsequent development phase began. While this phase presented its challenges, the Kinaxis team members were always willing to assist me in troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Engaging in these developments was particularly valuable as it provided firsthand experience in a crucial aspect of the role of a Solution Consultant. Despite the challenges, I found the project to be both enjoyable and enlightening.

What advice would you give to an incoming Co-Ops/Interns?

I have three pieces of advice to help you maximize the effectiveness of your internship experience:

Effective task management: Managing your tasks is important. During my internship, I had the autonomy to manage my tasks independently. Prioritization of your tasks and daily monitoring of your progress is essential. 

Daily work summaries: Whether it is required or not, I highly recommend writing a daily summary of your work. It allows you to document your daily achievements and challenges, which provides a clear record of your progress. It also helps you reflect on your activities, which makes it easier to understand what you're learning and contributing.

Ask questions and seek guidance: Your internship is a unique opportunity to learn from everyone at Kinaxis. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you are not sure about something. All team members are open to inquiries. By actively seeking guidance, you can improve your understanding and effectively interact with Kinaxis team members.

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