Kinaxis Certification Program introduces digital badges

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We live in a world where social media presence is on a steep rise, skill validation and verification is reaching new heights, and building your own brand is critical. To keep pace with the expectations of a credentialed workforce, Kinaxis is pleased to introduce digital badges to our certified base.

Keeping pace with the modern economy

Knowledge, skills and abilities are the currency in the modern economy for interactions between organizations and their employees, partners and customers. To augment our existing certification program, Kinaxis will join the many technology giants that already use digital badges as a way of recognizing achievements. Our new online digital badges feature enables you to easily promote your learning and achievements to employers, colleagues and friends using social media. A digital badge is a representation of your certification. It contains the learning and experience path you took to gain that certification, and the associated skills with the certification – all contained in verifiable, online badge metadata.

The benefits of going digital

Vijay Subramanian

, President of Kinaxis partner Prana Consulting Inc. and recognized RapidResponse Master, sees Kinaxis's digital badging initiative as, "a major enhancement to the well established Kinaxis certification program. Kinaxis RapidResponse is a niche area in which it takes time to gain expertise due to the amazing power of this unique software. The certification program has motivated our team members to set high goals and also feel proud of their achievements. The digital badging will further motivate them to achieve higher levels of certifications.” Through this new feature, certificate holders will be able to:

  • Share their abilities online in a way that’s simple, trusted and easy to verify in real time
  • Provide concrete evidence of skills mastery and what you‘ve done to earn your certification
  • Enjoy labor market insights related their specific skills

The technology behind digital badging

We’ve partnered with Credly®, a best-in-class solution for issuing and managing digital credentials, to translate all certifications into a badge. The digital badges are issued and managed through Credly’s Acclaim Platform, which will integrate seamlessly into our certification program infrastructure. Certified RapidResponse authors will automatically receive an email from Credly's Acclaim platform, prompting them to claim their Kinaxis badging. Using our Author Level 3 certification as an example, the overview page on the Acclaim site will look like this to anyone that clicks on the badge:

You can share your badge directly into social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also download your badge for use on a personal website, in a resume, or in an email signature. Your validated skills will be on display for all of your networks to see because you’ll immediately be able to highlight your achievements to your colleagues, friends, peers and anyone else in your network with one click and show the process you completed to earn your certification. When someone clicks on your badge, they’ll be directed to an overview page displaying your qualifications and specialized skills, as well as the process you completed to earn and maintain the credential.

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