How Kinaxis certification proves its worth

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Since the launch of the Kinaxis Certification Program in January 2016, we’ve steadily grown our certified user base. That base includes our technical employees, partners and customers, all of whom have worked to fortify and validate their RapidResponse skills in functionality, authoring and administration.

Why Kinaxis certification?

One question I often hear is, "Why should I get a Kinaxis certification?” It is no secret that having well trained, certified RapidResponse practitioners on staff means you have demonstrated the discipline to learn and master various aspects of RapidResponse, and can employ best practices. For a customer, they are able to derive the maximum value from their investment in a RapidResponse deployment. For employees and partners, it means staying at the top of their area of expertise. A major benefit obtained through the Kinaxis Certification Program (training, studying, practicing with hands-on time and then passing an exam) is that people that certify increase their problem-solving skills and their workplace productivity. Proof of this claim is available in the results of Certification Magazine’s 2018 Salary Survey. The article reveals:

  • 50.3% of respondents use certification skills they learned or improved through certification daily
  • 37.4% said they use those skills weekly or several times per month
  • 67.4% stated that being certified increased their problem-solving ability
  • 63.1% agreed that being certified increased their workplace productivity

That last point aligns with some data from a survey we ran in late 2017, where 86% of our respondents said their ability to perform their job improved as a direct result of Kinaxis certification. Learning, repetition and validation are a winning combination for improving RapidResponse productivity. The more you know about RapidResponse, the more comfortable you will be with its functionality and best practices. As comfort levels increase, productivity increases, leveraging the true value and power of RapidResponse. Earning and maintaining a certification can help you with career longevity. Over 43% of the people surveyed stated they were on the job 10+ years and utilized the skills they learned during the certification process. There is a huge driver for our candidates to be certified. IDC found in their study that a certified person with one year of experience had more core knowledge than those not certified, and on the job three years. The study also cited that certification was the biggest predictor of success on implementation projects. Success in certification breeds even more success.

Kinaxis certification program sets practitioners apart

I have been fortunate to witness the joy on people’s faces upon obtaining Kinaxis certification, most recently at Kinexions’18 last October. The grit and determination the candidates demonstrated during the exams, followed by the pride they exhibited in their success was extremely gratifying. When asked by some of the candidates about the value of their certifications, I stated that they have just distinguished and set themselves apart from their peers. These candidates took the time and effort to go through the rigorous supply chain certification process and came out successful, and ahead. For partners, having a deeply skilled and certified staff at advanced levels can help them land more business, especially if they are competing for business against other partners. With our well trained, skilled and heavily certified Kinaxis employees, our customers can put their trust in our expertise.

Advanced supply chain problem solving

Kinaxis believes that having certified RapidResponse expertise within our company, and at our partners, will foster a greater trust for our customers, knowing they will work with, learn from, and get support from elite people. As proven by the numbers, those who are certified possess advanced supply chain problem-solving and analytical skills. Whether you are a customer, partner or employee, I invite you to visit the Kinaxis Certification Program website to get the details of our program and start or continue your journey towards improving your RapidResponse skills and becoming an elite practitioner.


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