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By way of introduction, I am Joe Cannata, Kinaxis’ Certification Director. For the past several months, I have had the privilege to work with the broader Knowledge Services team and others across Kinaxis on designing a Certification Program which we are proud to begin rolling out today! This program is an important one because it marks a pivotal point in the company’s growth and maturity, and demonstrates the presence and authority of Kinaxis RapidResponse in the market as a leading and long-standing solution. Before I get into the details, let me tell you that while working on this initiative, I came to the realization that developing the certification process is quite analogous to the supply chain. Start with concepts being tested, these are the raw materials. The raw materials are then processed into an exam blueprint, which breaks the concepts into major topics, and specific objectives for each topic. Resources and documentation are collected to use for creating the exam items. This is equivalent to the supplier phase. Using the blueprint like a bill of materials, the exam is manufactured using all of the concepts, translated into specific questions, or items, that complete the blueprint. Extensive QA is performed on each of the exam items before going into production. A final review is made before the exam is deemed ready. The completed, packaged exam is then sent on to a test delivery partner (the distributor) for distribution to our customers, partners and employees (the consumers) worldwide. With some exams being offered at proctored testing centers, those would be the retailers in this analogy. Even everyday products, such as exams, have supply chains, and yes, even some of the same supply chain issues. At KinectED, our annual knowledge sharing event for Kinaxis employees and partners, we officially announced the launch of our new Kinaxis Certification Program. Now customers, employees and partners will be able to validate their RapidResponse knowledge and expertise. And yes, there will be exams! Information on the program is available both at www.kinaxis.com/certification, and on a dedicated Kinaxis Certification page in the Supply Chain Expert Community (for registered members). Our community page will have exam study guides and reference material, news and announcements, and a discussion forum. We’re building this program from the ground up, so we’re starting with offering two exams: Certified RapidResponse Author Level 1 and Certified RapidResponse Administrator Level 1. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when future exams are announced. We recently created the RapidResponse Author Level 1 exam in a workshop held in Ottawa. The talented exam developers in this photo, from left to right are: Yanick Lavoie, Palvashah Durrani, Sebastien Dovan, Paul Rachniowski, Brigitte Benard, Patti Vanderscheer, Emily Fisk, Jim Wood, Taunya MacDonald and Bill Mahoney. This group brings years of experience from all facets of Kinaxis. They are the brains and the manufacturers of the exam.

I was proud to be able to lead the group and direct them to scope, then write the exam questions. It is a long and tiring process, and for their efforts, this group will be a part of Kinaxis history, as the first recipients of a credential, Certified RapidResponse Author Level 1, from the new Kinaxis Certification Program. Many times the exam developers say it is harder to build an exam than it is to take and pass it. In this second photo you see them at work, collaborating and validating their ideas, and smiling for the camera as well.

We look forward to offering a world-class certification program that is fair, challenging, and one that will provide competitive advantages to both the participants and Kinaxis.


- July 18, 2020 at 8:17am
Hi Team,

I just want to esquire about Blueprint Certification Kinaxis program. How can i do the trainings and where should i register for it.

Thanks in advance,
Joe Cannata
- July 20, 2020 at 8:57am
Hi Rohit, and thank you for asking. The Blueprint Certification is currently only available to Kinaxis employees, as it pertains to internal Kinaxis procedures and processes.

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