Are you sure you’re making the best supply chain decisions?

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Successfully managing your supply chain means making decisions. A lot of them. But the reality for many is that the tradeoffs and choices they’re making are based on outdated or inaccurate data. How can you be sure you have the information and insight you need to make the best supply chain decisions possible for your business? Today’s planning reality leaves too much room for uncertainty. Siloed and sequential data and processes don’t deliver the visibility you need. Cumbersome, disconnected systems don’t provide the flexibility you want. And the resulting slow decision-making leaves you feeling like you’re jumping through hoops just to get to the wrong answer. Failing to make the right decisions at the right time can have a big impact on your bottom line. The longer it takes to respond, the higher the risk to your costs, revenue and customer satisfaction. It’s time to reshape your supply chain planning experience and finally gain the confidence to know you’re making the best decision every time.

The three keys to confident decision-making

  • Visibility: If you want to make confident decisions, you need visibility into your complete supply chain picture anywhere, anytime from any device. That means having the necessary capabilities to gain fast insights into the most critical areas of your network and understanding at a glance how you’re trending when it comes to key performance indictors (KPIs) like revenue and gross margin. But it’s not enough just to be able to see that information. You need to be able to drill into details on the contributing factors, and be able to collaborate quickly with the people responsible for managing them.
  • Flexibility: Knowing you have the right information requires the flexibility to see and understand your data in a way that works for you. That means the ability to create personalized reports and dashboards for intuitive and responsive data discovery so you can uncover issues and opportunities. Ideally that comes in the form of drag and drop capabilities so you spend less time setting up your reports, and more time actually analyzing them.
  • Agility: When changes happen (and they will), being able to respond and react quickly is critical to making confident decisions about what to do next. That means having the ability to create and score multiple what-if scenarios, see the historical context of what you’ve done in the past in similar situations and get ahead of any shifting situations with automatic instant alerts.

Being confident your planning decisions will lead to success with Kinaxis. Our latest supply chain innovations deliver the visibility, flexibility and agility you need. Visit to learn more about how we’re reshaping your planning experience.

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