New advisory report highlights benefits of concurrent planning

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In its January 2019 Research Advisory report, 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group advised supply chain management teams to prepare for continued higher levels of global supply chain risk, complexity and overall uncertainty. At the same time, organizations must be prepared to meet industry needs for increased digital transformation and highlights benefits of concurrent planning in this period of business uncertainty.

Dealing with disruptive forces

It’s true, managing a global supply chain isn’t easy, not by a long shot. Unplanned events, ever-increasing consumer expectations, natural disasters, supplier issues, changing regulations and tariffs are just a few disruptive forces that can cause a supply chain to sideways. So maybe it’s best to look at it this way… If anything can happen, it will. And the supply chain must be ready to deal with it.

New report provides guidance

A new advisory report from Ferrari Consulting and Research Group provides guidance on how senior management, line-of-business and supply chain management-focused technology selection teams can be prepared for elevated levels of uncertainty. At a glance, the report covers:

  • The business process focused differences between sequential planning and the benefits of concurrent planning processes
  • Elements required for moving toward more digitally-based business process and decision-making capabilities
  • Which technology evaluation and assessment criteria matter when time-to-value and overall cost are important considerations

The advisory also includes a technology team selection considerations checklist for moving toward a concurrent planning approach.


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