The next evolution of the control tower is here

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The next evolution of control tower is here2020 changed everything: the way we interact with each other, the way we work, the products we buy. How can companies plan for a future that’s still so unknown? Cash flow is unpredictable. Teams are stretched. Competition is mounting. Standing still is not an option.

But too many companies are facing down volatility with tools that were designed for a simpler time, like control towers that promise visibility and insights but only use stale and static data to do so. Little more than glorified business intelligence software, these antiquated control towers don’t recalculate in real-time, can’t cope with scenario exploration and fail to foster quick collaboration across teams. The end result is a control tower that doesn’t actually give you any control.

Kinaxis is about to change all that.

Introducing the Kinaxis Command & Control Center

The way you plan and execute is about to change forever. Unveiled at Kinexions ’20, our annual supply chain innovators conference, the new Kinaxis Command & Control Center makes it easy to anticipate and respond to what’s coming your way and take intelligent and increasingly automated control over your operations from the C-suite to the production line. Confidently manage risk. Seize opportunities. Cope with escalating volatility.

Eliminating volatility in your supply chain is impossible. Managing it shouldn’t be.

As global supply chain disruptions continue to rise, business like yours are facing extraordinary pressure to speed up digital transformation initiatives and deliver the products your customers want – when, where and in the quantities they need them. This is all while you’re dealing with unprecedented demand swings, unexpected supplier shutdowns and seemingly endless amounts of big data from an ever-expanding list of digital inputs.

The Kinaxis Command & Control Center gives you intelligent control of your end-to-end supply chain.

  • Anticipate and respond to potential disruptions, risk and opportunities sooner through an intuitive dashboard and instant alerts that combine traditional data with digital disruption detection signals.
  • Manage day-to-day variability in real-time with issue prioritization, routine response automation and auto-generated, KPI-based recommended actions and scenario exploration for high-priority exceptions.
  • Keep your supply chain digital twin synced to reality with digital inputs that extend your end-to-end supply chain model across planning areas, business functions and even enterprises.
  • Monitor the health of your supply chain, see the full impact — including financial — of any potential change to your business, and seamlessly collaborate with as many stakeholders as you need with smart collaboration and instant visibility across your network.
  • Automatically capture and learn from past decisions to drive ongoing improvements to system-generated recommendations.
  • Combine the best of human and artificial intelligence to increasingly automate routine responses, escalate exceptions and empower your planners to make fast, confident decisions.
  • Create digital decision flows using an easy-to-use, powerful drag and drop interface to drive increasing levels of automation across your supply chain.
  • Leverage pre-built automation templates from Kinaxis and our growing partner ecosystem to quickly expand your use of the Command & Control Center.

Committed to enabling you to concurrently manage more of your supply chain than ever before, we’ve also teamed up with a host of new and existing partners to extend the functionality of the Command & Control Center. Through partner-built capabilities, you’ll have access to ready-to-use templates around risk detection, track and trace and robotic process automation.

Want to learn more about how you can get started with the Kinaxis Command & Control Center? Head over to or check out the brochure.

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