So long Google Reader...but the 21st Century Supply Chain blog lives on!

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Hey 21st Century Supply Chain readers, If you were like me, you may have been a little surprised to realize that Google Reader went away last month, July 1st to be specific. John Westerveld had called this out in a previous post, but I hadn't fully connected the dots... I thought, perhaps, some of our readers may need a reminder as well and also want to hear about a few alternatives. I came across this image of Bart Simpspon on the Hubspot site and thought it was worth sharing :)



As John Westerveld warned us... Many of us get our blogs aggregated through Google reader. I did have a moment of panic when I contemplated having to actually visit the various web pages for the blogs I read on a regular basis. However a quick search later (yes, on Google) I discovered Feedly. I gave Feedly permission to access my Google reader information and in seconds I had it working in the same way Google reader worked for me. Further, Feedly has some very nice layout options that are actually an improvement on my traditional Google reader experience. For more options, here are some articles talking about Google Reader alternatives:

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While this is not really be supply chain related, we want to make sure that nothing comes between you and the 21st Century Supply Chain!

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