Supply and Demand Chain Executive honors women of the supply chain

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It’s hard to remember a time when supply chain crises weren’t in the headlines every week. The past 18 months have put supply chains around the world to the test – and challenged the people who are responsible for keeping them going. It’s been a rocky time to say the least, but there is some good that’s surfaced through the bumps, including recognizing some remarkable females in supply chain.

For the second year in a row, Supply and Demand Chain Executive is honoring the women of the supply chain not only for their contribution to the industry, but also in the hopes that younger generations will see this as a place for females and all members of society.

One of those honored is Emilia Michaud, Program Director, Deployment QA at Kinaxis.

“Women bring a different perspective to management and leadership roles that not only benefit an organization but are also essential to effective business management.”

Emilia believes one of the biggest challenges’ organizations face today is how to navigate supply chain disruption effectively while preserving a good balance sheet. From the smallest companies to the P&Gs of the world, managing disruption is a challenge that Emilia and the Kinaxis team work toward solving every day through ensuring their customers have the best processes already in place so they can act faster.

As a woman in supply chain, Emilia recognizes how important diverse voices and ideas can be to creating success, whether that’s personal career success or client success. “Women face various challenges when it comes to achieving leadership roles, so their experiences can make them influential in ways others can’t. Learning how to overcome obstacles, makes for great problem solvers,” says Emilia.

Aside from the impact she has on customers, Emilia has made a difference within Kinaxis. Emilia leads the Global Customer Care Team’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee. Here, she has learned to turn off her analytical, problem-solving mind and lead the team to more honest and open discussions about various issues in our world related to diversity and inclusion.

Congratulations on your recognition, Emilia!

You can check out SDCE’s full list of Women in Supply Chain honorees here.


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