Is Your Supply Chain Glass Half Full?

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 Is Your Supply Chain Glass Half Full?

The staff at Kinaxis is just back from another successful annual user conference, Kinexions. There were plenty of great presentations and breakout sessions. Of course, as with any Kinaxis event, there was also a bit of fun to be had with many supply chain jokes being tossed around. A colleague of mine, Mike McGuire and I had a “glass half full” conversation and it didn’t take long to come up with a list of supply chain, “is the glass half full” one liners. Of course everyone knows the optimist says the “glass is half full” and the pessimist says the, “glass is half empty.” But what do those in supply chain have to say?

Demand Planner – Historically the glass was full. Although there is currently less, our statistical calculations show that we should order 10 more glasses.

Sales – We need 3 more kegs.

Marketing – Isn’t that the nicest glass you’ve ever seen.

Buyer – I ordered another drink but it got delayed in customs.

Engineer – Let me redesign the glass so it’s full again.

Inventory Control – Based on the Reorder Point we need to order another drink when the glass is ¼ full. Or is that ¾ empty?

CFO – Good news, our carrying costs have decreased by 50 percent.

Operations – Who drank half my beer? That’s alright, I have another one in my desk.

IT – Your request to fill your glass is being reviewed. We’re currently short resources but should be able to fill your glass in 2 years after we finish our phase one ERP project.

CEO – Our shareholders should be happy that demand has increased by 50%. Orders are strong at half a glass and with the introduction of our new jug we expect sales to increase by more than 3 kegs. Let us know if you have any other supply chain, “is the glass half full” one liners!  


Tim Gilks
- November 27, 2013 at 8:27pm
We had enough inventory until those customers started to order.

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