The case for extensibility: why rigid SCM platforms can’t power winning supply chains

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In today’s fast-paced world, success means getting ahead of change, not just keeping up with it. It’s no different for your supply chain. Growing customer demands. Shifting regulations. Big impact events like natural disasters. It’s no wonder companies are looking for hyper-agile, synchronized supply chains. But are they looking in the right place? More often than not, companies are looking for solutions or applications that fit their specific, current needs. But investing based on the functionality of supply chain planning applications alone may not be the answer. Because those applications are only as powerful as the SCM platforms they’re built on.

Rigid SCM platforms lead to rigid applications

In order to successfully manage volatility and change across your supply chain, and your business, you need a platform that’s flexible enough to adapt your current and future needs. Can it easily integrate with other systems? Does the data model support new and emerging types of information like weather or sensor data? Is the platform secure? Can it scale in terms of data volume and new applications without performance loss? Will users like the experience of working with it? Are you able to leverage machine learning? And finally, if you wanted to build your own application or logic – can you? If the answer to any of those questions is no, buyer beware.

Ask more of your planning platform

Kinaxis® has developed a trusted, secure cloud-based platform that lets you take advantage of its library of world-class supply chain planning applications and algorithms, built by a company known for its supply chain expertise. Now Kinaxis has extended its RapidResponse® platform to become the first and only concurrent planning platform with the power to create custom, interconnected applications and algorithms, and put external scripts to use in practical, profitable ways across your supply chain ecosystem. Accelerate innovation, shorten time-to-value and maximize your competitive and intellectual advantage. Creating custom apps and algorithms is fast and cost-effective because you’re not having to start from scratch. Development happens on top of the solid foundation of RapidResponse and uses the depth of existing Kinaxis supply chain applications. Kinaxis, its planning applications, and the RapidResponse platform are all well recognized for having best-in-class usability and superior functionality, including smart collaboration, what-next scenarios, and practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. To further advance all RapidResponse applications, Kinaxis has also made significant advances to its user experience, patented database technology, which delivers best-in-class speed, scalability, and synchronization across the supply chain network, and enhanced security protocols to provide more granular control over people’s access rights to information. Check out this on-demand webinar to see the Kinaxis RapidResponse platform in action.





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