The perfect gift this holiday season? How about The Ultimate S&OP toolkit?

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The biggest toy sellers (Target, Walmart, JCPenney and Amazon) have announced their picks for the hottest toys of the year. Coming in at number one are Pomsies – animatronic, interactive pets that kids can take anywhere. Let’s hope supply chains are doing their thing by producing enough of these cuddly critters to meet demand so the world doesn’t have to deal with another Cabbage Patch Kid-like debacle. So now that the kids are taken care of, what’s on your wish list? If you’re looking for that something special, why not consider the ultimate S&OP toolkit?

Time's up for traditional S&OP

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) has long been the backbone of businesses. Yet many companies are still reliant on decades-old processes that haven’t kept pace with digitization, big data and evolving technologies. These processes were never designed to deal with the complex challenges plaguing organizations today. It’s no wonder they’re wreaking havoc – putting profitability and performance at risk. Traditional S&OP follows a monthly cycle. But for many, the reality is actually closer to six weeks. And a lot can happen in that timeframe. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could update your plans in real-time? Well good news. You can. It starts with connecting your data, processes and people into a single, harmonious system so you can break down silos, improve end-to-end visibility and allow for easier cross-functional collaboration. All three are required to streamline S&OP processes and see the impact of changes on your plans earlier. By bringing your S&OP into the future, you’ll see benefits like:

  • Fewer missed business opportunities
  • Faster risk detection and correction
  • Improved organizational alignment

Get the S&OP toolkit

Looking for more specifics on exactly what it takes to improve your S&OP? Download the ultimate S&OP toolkit gives you all the information you’ll need to kick start your processes and find success in the New Year and beyond. Do you have any S&OP resources to share? Let us know!








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