The top ten ways bad software is like an annoying ex

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If you’ve never experienced bad software or a bad relationship, I’d like to shake your hand to see if some of your good luck rubs off on me. I think we’ve all had our moments with both, and the creative minds here at Kinaxis realized that failed software implementations and failed romances actually have quite a few things in common. That realization inspired our latest supply chain comedy video series, “New Kinexions.” You can find all six episodes here, and they’re only 90 seconds each, so it’s a quick way to get a good laugh. One great idea often leads to another, and “New Kinexions” served as the spark for our most recent contest on the Supply Chain Expert Community. We asked community members to complete the following sentence: “Bad software is like an annoying ex because…” After carefully reviewing dozens of hilarious entries (which you can view here), we faced the difficult task of narrowing it down to just one winner. So instead of trying to name just one, we decided to create a top ten list. Here are the best of the bunch: Bad software is like an annoying ex because… 10. They are both high maintenance and full of SAP. --Jason Averill 9. Functions fail during execution. --Don Yetman 8. There is NO known cure for the viruses they can inflict on you, except a complete regeneration or replacement of vital parts! --Paul White-Quinn 7. It's never flexible enough for what you want to do with it. --Olivier Fieux 6. It's persistent, it leaves you in debt and it's no longer attractive. --Sarah Lafferty 5. In late December, they'll both call you to give them one more chance.  --Jay Lester 4. The packaging looks great but it's filled with empty promises and disappointing performance. --Laura Gilmour 3. They both take up needed space in your memory, talk in code, don't know how relationships work, and mess with your CPU! --Lew Mills 2. Even though you do not turn them on anymore, you still have a monthly payment! --Tony Ralph 1. They both appeared to be a lot more functional ... before they were yours! --Ryan Christie Congratulations to Ryan Christie, who is the winner of an Xbox 360 console with Kinect bundle! Stay tuned to the Supply Chain Expert Community for more opportunities to learn, laugh, share, connect—and win! And if you’re not already a member, join today to start benefitting from the experience and knowledge of more than 4,300 supply chain professionals.

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