Video: Anritsu Forges a Proactive Supply Chain

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Do you find yourself fighting fires in your supply chain? Too focused on being reactive? At Anritsu, they had several issues causing the team to be in “firefighting” mode. There were different shortages where procurement might be short cycled, or there might be supplier interruptions. It was really hard to get to the heart of what was important data. If you take that analogy of firefighting a little further, one of the techniques firefighters use is back burns--where they get rid of all the rubbish to prevent future fires from expanding. Essentially, what Anritsu had to do was the same thing except with data. They had to get rid of all the data that wasn't important in order to get to the data that was important. This allowed them to act just on the data needed to support customers. Anritsu was determined to get out of its "firefighting" mode, and craft a supply chain built around being proactive and managing exceptions. Dave Stenfort, director of operations, explains how they turned firefighters into more analytical proactive supply chain specialists.

Watch now: Anritsu Forges a Proactive Supply Chain

Anritsu Forges a Proactive Supply Chain

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