Video: How Roland DG Corp. Is Building a Customer-Centric Company

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Do you have trouble meeting customer demands at your manufacturing site? Is becoming truly customer-centric a goal for your organization? To become a truly customer-centric organization, Roland DG made the decision to connect their global organization. At the heart of this transformation was connecting the supply value chain, from manufacturing to customers. In this video, Zoltan Pekar, Vice President of the Global Supply Chain Division, discusses how Roland now meets constantly changing demand from customers with flexibility and agility.

Watch now: How Roland DG Corp. Is Building a Customer-Centric Company


How Roland DG Corp. Is Building a Customer-Centric Company


What are the major challenges facing Roland?

According to Zoltan, the major challenge for the company is globalization of the organization. They have subsidiaries all around the world with a Japanese manufacture base, and the biggest challenge is meeting the customer demand quickly and efficiently. Becoming truly customer-centric is what they are trying to achieve.

How is your organization transforming their supply chain?

Roland is transforming itself from a maker of basic computer peripherals to providing digital oriented solutions. The products developed are specifically designed for specific market segments and are very unique. And because of that, they need to meet the constantly changing demand from customers with flexibility and agility at their manufacturing sites.

What was the process to bring everyone in the supply chain together?

The key for Roland was to find the right partner. Understanding limitations, having a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and investing the time and money to find the right partner. According Zoltan, Kinaxis played a very important role in that. Roland will use RapidResponse as the technology to unite the supply chain and has undergone organizational change to facilitate this. For Roland, they decided to join everyone together as one big global organization, provide a full value chain and connect the whole supply chain end-to-end from manufacturing to customers. If you’re interested in learning how other supply chain leaders are adapting to face different challenges, we’ve created a video series. Hear supply chain leaders from Merck, Trinity Rail, Schneider Electric, Amgen, and Anritsu share their insights on top supply chain management priorities and initiatives.

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