Video: Schneider Electric Charts an End-to-End Supply Chain Roadmap

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Does your organization have a massive worldwide supply chain network? A diverse IT landscape? These were some of the challenges Schneider Electric was facing. Their network is made of about 250 factories, about 100 distribution centers, various IT systems and a significant number of products. The company decided they wanted to build an extended visibility network to be able to better address customers, deliver products on time, and move from reactive supply chain to a proactive one. Watch now: Schneider Electric Charts an End-to-End Supply Chain Roadmap

Schneider Electric Charts an End-to-End Supply Chain Roadmap

If you’re interested in learning how other supply chain leaders are adapting to face different challenges, we’ve created a video series. Hear supply chain leaders from Merck, Trinity Rail, Schneider Electric, Amgen, and Anritsu share their insights on top supply chain management priorities and initiatives. Check out the other videos in this supply chain interview series: Video: How Roland DG Corp. Is Building a Customer-Centric Company Video: Anritsu Forges a Proactive Supply Chain Video: Merck's End-to-End Supply Chain Vision Video: What's Driving Change in Supply-Chain Planning? Video: Amgen Transforms Its Supply-Chain Planning Video: Trinity Rail - Building a Sense-and-Respond Supply Chain Stay tuned for the upcoming videos in this supply chain leadership interview series: Video: First Solar - Challenging the Norm in Supply-Chain Management

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