Video: Trinity Rail - Building a Sense-and-Respond Supply Chain

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How do you face uncertainty in your supply chain? According to Mike Hegedus, vice president of supply chain management at Trinity Rail, one of the most difficult things a supply chain manager faces is uncertainty in the supply chain. In their business, there are so many different possibilities of train cars that can be built. And among those different car types, they're customized in many ways for each customer – making it nearly impossible to forecast what the customer's going to require. Realizing that "the forecast is always wrong," Trinity Rail opts instead to focus on creating a "sense-and-respond" supply chain, to deal with real-world developments in demand for transportation equipment. In this video, Mike Hegedus explains how their ability to quickly satisfy those customer demands has improved since moving to a sense-and-respond operating model: “we get our executives from sales, operations, finance, and supply chain together on a weekly basis. And we review the demand situation to make decisions; very important decisions about how to handle these orders.” Having supply planning technology in place to have a flexible supply chain is an important component to make it possible to deliver on their business strategy.

Watch now: Trinity Rail - Building a Sense-and-Respond Supply Chain

Trinity Rail: Building a Sense-and-Respond Supply Chain

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